Monday, March 4, 2013

New Mission Rules

So this last week was pretty good and we were working pretty hard, but we got a TON of new rules this week in the mission. I don´t know why, but apparently this mission has a lot of disobedience so our president is cracking down on a lot of things. So yeah we already eat lunch with the members every day, but he gave us a new rule that he didn´t like people eating at night because it was a waste of time, so now we have to find a contract with a member to cook us dinner every night. It´s okay, but I don´t like it because I just never really ate dinner haha. Also in respect to money.. Our president said that if our family sends a package we have to pay for them to go get it. So.. Please don´t let this discourage packages haha. I have money to pay for them, I just don´t know how much it is and it will just take a lot longer because we have to give the money to the zone leaders to give to the office to go get it. They won´t get it until they have the money.. but it's okay. I´ll get my packages one way or another haha.
Only one investigator came to church yesterday so we had a lot of baptismal dates fall and so we´re going to be going out and reprogramming people this week and teaching them that church is important.
We have a lot of good, solid investigators but if the slightest problem comes up on a Sunday, they´re not going. We have another investigator too who just wants us to come all the time but never reads the Book of Mormon, so we´re going to be having a nice little chat with him soon.
I´m a little nervous because we have transfers in the middle of this transfer. So new Elders are coming this week so every could get moved around. And I´m just used to my current ward. It´s not the best, but the people here are so nice and they know that I don´t speak perfect Spanish, so we have a good agreement haha.
Sorry I don´t have a whole lot of time this week. I had some pictures to sent but our President sent us a new format to write and it took a lot more time today, so we are a little short today.
I love you all and love hearing the stories from home. I´m a little upset that you got rid of the plaid, blue couch... It was the BEST napping couch in the world.
And a drunk hobo hugged me 3 days ago.

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