Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

So general conference was absolutely AWESOME right? Nobody here can believe that at home we don`t even have to leave our house to watch it, but it`s still good dressed in church clothes in a little room without air conditioning.
So this last week was interesting because here in Sabanalarga there was a huge party this and it was dangerous, so we were "locked in" since Jueves... yay.... But it was pretty busy still. We went to a zone meeting, and then Saturday and Sunday we had general conference to go and see.
To see conference we traveled to another town that`s close to here. There´s is a branch there that is like over the group here in Sabanalarga.
So we traveled over there and then it was just us 4, the branch president and the sister missionaries that work there showed up late haha. And then Priesthood session was the same minus the sister missionaries haha.
I LOVED Elder Uchtdorf`s talk about how in this church there is a place for everyone. It was amazing!
On Sunday we rented a bus  to take the members here over to that little town to watch the morning session and wow....... there was not  enough room in that little chruch and definitely not enough fans... I sweated the whole time haha. So I wish I could say that I got more out of the Sunday morning session, but I couldn`t really hear either. So when the Ensign comes I`ll read all that a little better haha. 
This week was boring  because we were stuck in the house, but a cool experience was planning  with my companion. We were talking about what we were going to teach this family, but we got stuck on what they needed. So we started thinking and I said we should teach them about prayer, and then he said he was thinking the same thing.  It was a good and simple  experience but a good opportuninty  to teach my companion about revelation.
Not many   investigators came to see conference (only  1) so we`ve got a lot of work to do in this week.
Love you all! Bye!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hello from ColOmbia! This week was great because SIX (6, SEIS) investigators came to church and they all loved it so that was awesome. We´re being really blessed here in the area.
My companion and I are getting along well and we´re having a lot of success finding people, and people that really are prepared so that´s cool.
There´s this big party thing coming to this town this week and so we don´t know if they going to tell us to stay in the house for a few days or not, because everyone says that it´s pretty dangerous, so that should be cool. 
The family that we´re preparing for baptism for next Saturday is preparing well, but the dad and son didn´t come to church yesterday, so we hope and pray that they´ll come this Sunday to general conference. 
We went and taught a lady that was a reference like 3 days ago and we left and said, "eh, she´s alright." and then Sunday came to church with her granddaughters who are super smart and awesome and last night they all said that they love the church and want to go to general conference this week. So that was cool.
For conference this week I don´t know what we´re going to be doing. I think we actually just get to see one session because we have to travel in bus to the nearest branch to see the broadcast.
Yesterday a member called me over to go to their house and said, "Elder Morgan, I know that you´re like the leader here and so I think you´ll have the answer to this question...." and went on to explain how they found a lost temple of Ismael in the book of mormon here in Colombia and wanted to know more about who he is...... I´m so not qualified for this "being in charge" business haha.
I really don´t have much to say about this week besides that it was great. So have a good one family!

September 23, 2013

So this week was good here. We worked really hard and found a lot of new people to teach, but only 2 investigators came to church yesterday. The family that we´re working on baptizing still wants to get baptized, but it turns out that the dad has a little..... "friend" on the side... so he wants to repent first haha. I was super shocked because his wife totally knows and is okay with it. She just said, "Raul has a second wife kind of thing going on and wants to end that before he gets baptized." And we said that´s probably best haha. We had interviews with the mission president this week and it was really nice. He´s a great guy, and his wife is so nice. She made rice krispy treats for all the missionaries. In my interview he just asked about how I like things as a trainer and I said it´s fun. We talked for a while and then he showed me a super awesome scripture Abraham 4:18. Because we were talking about the importance of being accountable. The group here in Sabanalarga is coming along nice. I got to be in charge of sustaining and stuff like that on Sunday. It felt really weird, but it was fun. Sunday was rough here because every few weeks there´s a Sunday when motorcycles are forbidden. And here everyone uses motorcycle taxis, so the church attendance was really low yesterday, but we´re all doing good. Nothing else too exciting happened this week. But I love you guys! bye!

September 16, 2013

So this last week was good and new. We were all a little nervous for transfers to come. My companion Elder Abad really loves Sabanalarga, but the call came and he was called to go and serve in Valledupar. Another Elder in our house also left. The zone leaders talked to everyone and then to me last. The zone leader said, "First of all your trainer is really proud of you... because he´s now a GRANDPA!!! You´re going to train!!!" I was super nervous and I still am a little bit, but it will be a fun experience.
So Wednesday morning I took my companion to the terminal in Barranquilla and then I went and had a little training for all the newbies. My companion´s name is Elder VĂ©lez from Ecuador. He´s 20 years-old and has only been a member for a year. What a guy. He´s super humble and nice and obedient. I´m realy blessed to be paired with him. And I´m really excited for the experience to learn everything again.We got back to our area here in Sabanalarga and got back to work. It´s really fun teaching everything and having somebody that asks me questions haha. But we got here and started preparing Enrique´s girlfriend to get baptized, and boy oh boy was it difficult..Her family is super catholic and her and Enrique wanted everything to be secret, but we went to the pool in the morning and she said there were people there that she knew and so she couldn´t get baptized..... My heart dropped. We tried talking about it and she just said no, no, no,no... Next week. Then I asked if there was another pool close by and a member went in his motorcycle and it turned out that there was! So we all walked for about 30 minutes baking in the sun, but... SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was really nice.Also a family that we´re teaching named the Hernandez family. Is coming along nicely. They have a hard time with coffee, so we said, "will you stop in this next week?" and they said maybe... but the next day the mom came to church with a headache for not drinking coffee!!!! What a champ! hahaSo that was my week. Hope you guys are all doing well. I love you bye!