Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 16, 2013

So this last week was good and new. We were all a little nervous for transfers to come. My companion Elder Abad really loves Sabanalarga, but the call came and he was called to go and serve in Valledupar. Another Elder in our house also left. The zone leaders talked to everyone and then to me last. The zone leader said, "First of all your trainer is really proud of you... because he´s now a GRANDPA!!! You´re going to train!!!" I was super nervous and I still am a little bit, but it will be a fun experience.
So Wednesday morning I took my companion to the terminal in Barranquilla and then I went and had a little training for all the newbies. My companion´s name is Elder VĂ©lez from Ecuador. He´s 20 years-old and has only been a member for a year. What a guy. He´s super humble and nice and obedient. I´m realy blessed to be paired with him. And I´m really excited for the experience to learn everything again.We got back to our area here in Sabanalarga and got back to work. It´s really fun teaching everything and having somebody that asks me questions haha. But we got here and started preparing Enrique´s girlfriend to get baptized, and boy oh boy was it difficult..Her family is super catholic and her and Enrique wanted everything to be secret, but we went to the pool in the morning and she said there were people there that she knew and so she couldn´t get baptized..... My heart dropped. We tried talking about it and she just said no, no, no,no... Next week. Then I asked if there was another pool close by and a member went in his motorcycle and it turned out that there was! So we all walked for about 30 minutes baking in the sun, but... SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was really nice.Also a family that we´re teaching named the Hernandez family. Is coming along nicely. They have a hard time with coffee, so we said, "will you stop in this next week?" and they said maybe... but the next day the mom came to church with a headache for not drinking coffee!!!! What a champ! hahaSo that was my week. Hope you guys are all doing well. I love you bye!

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