Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas! December 23, 2013

Hello! And Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone´s all up and happy with holiday spirit! We sure are! And I never thought I´d say it... but I really love all the Christmas music haha. It´s nice to hear normal Christmas music on the mp3 player in the morning, because in the streets it´s still the same old loud obnoxious music haha.
So this week we had a Christmas activity with the president and.... WE GOT TO SEE "UP!" It was so cool to see a Disney movie haha. And I understood it in Spanish haha. But it´s still funnier in English.
Sister Searle gave us all a baggie of caramel popcorn!
Last Monday we went to Barranquilla (downtown, pictures attached) and it was fun. Took a picture of the oldest church (catholic) here in Barranquilla, but the taxi driver wanted to bug us the whole way (he´s a Jehovah’s witness) about how we´re not a biblical church. We just smiled and said we´d like to pass by, but he said no...
We´ve been working hard core with Alberto this last week with the cigarettes, and he did it!!!! He said that he puffed one on Saturday, and then said "No. No more." and.... He passed his baptismal interview!!! He´s so great and I know that your prayers have helped him a lot! He´s really felt a big change in his life and all of his neighbors can´t believe that he doesn´t smoke anymore. He sits in front of his house with candy and just eats that haha
So now we´re just workin` and prayin´ so that he doesn´t smoke this week haha, and never again!
I´m so excited for this Christmas because it´s a great time to be serving the Lord, because that´s why he came here, to serve. I love and pray for all of you every day and I hope you feel the love, because I certainly have felt yours.
Merry Christmas!!!

Below are pictures of their day out in Barranquilla and the chapel where they hold sacrament meeting.

December 16, 2013

So this week was a good work week. We worked really hard! But.... NOBODY CAME TO CHURCH!!!! haha. We passed by for everyone on Saturday and they all said yes, and then Sunday morning and the majority said yes, and then.... nada.... haha. After church we did what I like to call the shame march and visit everyone. They all had reasons, but we need to work on their faith. Alberto still can get baptized on the 28th so we´re working hard with him. He still needs to give up a fe more cigarrettes, but he´s almost there.
We also are teaching a whole family! I´m really excited. It´s been my dream all mission long to teach a whole family and see their baptism. They´re good, but need some work. The have to get married and need to get over their fear of coming to church. (Corra Family)
So Alberto (super awesome investigator), is doing good, but we had a funny experience. We went to our appointment and there were a lot of people outside and we said, "oh no... a party." But we got there and he said, "oh, we can go inside." so we entered his house and asked if he had a party goin´ on and he said, "no, they`re all hear to listen to you."...... WHAT?!?!
He had invited like 6 people to come and listen to us! He´s better than the members! haha. It was awesome, but one of the references that was there killed the lesson and said negative things about the church.... BUT Alberto testified! He put his Joseph Smith voice on and said, "I testify with Elder Morgan and Elder Velez that this book is true, and that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ." It was the coolest lesson I´ve ever seen!
We are working hard here in this mission in something called the work of salvation, which means visiting all the members and making sure that the new converts and the less actives are really converted, and working with members for our investigators as well. It´s good, but my companion and I are having interesting experiences. We found that a less active recent convert is assisting the Evangelical church and that she thinks that there´s more prayer in prayer circles there than in sincere prayer... so that was an interesting lesson, but a lot of the members here are still caught in hold worshiping habits, such as: Saying their own prayer as someone else prays (whilst whipering), raising the sacrament cup to the air before drinking the water, and taking pills in the name of jesus...... hahaha. It´s a beautiful town.
AND On friday for our ward activity I taught the group the american tradition of..... CAROLING!!! Everyone hated me at first for making them leave and sing, but loved it in the end. We sang at a house and then we went to the plaza and sang where all the lights and the gigantic Catholic church is. Everyone looked at us really weird and one guy told me "ssshhh" but we just kept singing.
Have a great week and rember... "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear" -Elf

Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 9, 2013

So transfers came........           I STAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President said he doesn´t want to be changing missionaries that much so I got to stay! Same companion, same area, same everything!!! But we are looking for a new house to live in because we´re not allowed to live in the church anymore.... but that´s okay.
I´m really happy Sabanalarga is awesome. So here we have some really great investigators right now. One is named Alberto, and he´s a future leader here, if he can give up his coffee, cigarrettes, alchohol, and tea hahahaha. We taught him the word of wisdom and asked if he used any of the substances and said, "Yes, all of them except for drugs." So if you folks at home could pray for Alberto, that would be great.
Yesterday we had 3 investigators at church! Alberto and his wife and the dad of another family that should turn into some really good investigators. The dad called us in the street and said that he was drunk, but he felt something as we walked by and wanted us to stop by and visit him, so we went the next day and there he was waiting for us! and his wife is really excited too!
But we sere still lacking a lot of investigators unfortunately, so we´re going to be working on that. One investigator said it was her time of the month.... Oh please hahaha
On Saturday we had an AWESOME experience! Elder Uceda of the seventy came to talk to us again. He taught us a lot of things that I know will really help us push the work forward here in the mission so I´m super excited. He taught us a lot and especially talked about obedience to all of the rules and all that good stuff. He´s awesome and has a really strong spirit about him. Just another testimony of what the Lord can do through his servants.
Christmas is in full swing here and it´s awesome to see the lights, even if there is no snow, and the plaza here is all decorated with a big tree. So it´s cool. I´d send pictures, but this internet site is about 30 years in the past and can´t handle my camera haha.
I love you all and wanted to share a cool scripture.
In 2 Kings 6. Elisha gets surrounded by thousands of troops that want to kill him and his servant gets scared, but Elisha says that there are a lot more with them than with the troops. But the servant who doesn´t believe is still scared, until Elisha prays to God so that the servants eyes get opened, and then he can see all the forces with them.
I like this scripture because God is with all of us. And anytime we´re scared, we just need to pray to see the invisible forces with us.
I´ve been using that these last few days anytime I´m scared to talk to someone, or do something uncomfortable, but God will provide. Bye!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

HELLO!!! How are you all? I was so glad to read about thanksgiving and it sounds like it was really great! Unfortunately.... I forgot, but I did eat a little extra egg arepa on Thursday night, so that was good haha.
The work here in Sabanalarga is going forward!!! We have some really good investigators! Some of which weren´t progressing but in this last week we were really focused in just listening to them and the spirit and they all responded really well with the help of the Lord.
We had 4 investigators at church yesterday which was awesome. One is a guy that is really awesome named Alberto. He´s just a guy my companion was led to in the street and he´s turning out to be really great. He asked us a few days before church about how he should go and we said how he was dressed was fine (here in the coast a white shirt and tie is more.... for the ADVANCED people haha). And he said, okay, but what does a man "normally" dress like? and I said white shirt and pants. So then on Sunday morning when we passed by his house to see if he was going to go he was in slacks and putting a white shirt on....  ..... It was just so beautiful! hahaha.
Also the attendance was really low in sacrament meeting until halfway through when some other investigators showed up with like 6 little kids which helped a lot hahaha.
So we´re all really excited/nervous here. Because everyone wants to be here for Christmas because the members here are fantastic, but... Transfers are tomorrow night! I want to stay, but I just pray everyday that I´ll love the people wherever I go like I love all the investigators here haha.
I love you all and I´m excited to skype this month! but they haven´t given us any information about that yet, hopefully next week I have more info.

I forgot some important events of the week...
So yesterday I received a lot of blessings and I know that the lord answers prayers.
We were on a bus coming back from the branch in another town and I was standing up because all the seats were taken. We were going good and then all of the sudden....   BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the tires blew!!! In the middle of the highway. The bus started swerving all over the highway and I just realized "Oh... this is serious." My companion was in his seat bracing himself and the guy next to him and I felt bad because there were some little kids crying really hard... but we were fine. We were blessed to have a bus driver that knew what he was doing controlling the bus and we were able to stop just fine and get on another bus.
I learned several things in this experience. 1) The Lord answers prayers (thank you all, especially mom haha) and 2) I wasn´t scared. Just as it happened I started to get nervous and then just a strong feeling came over me and felt like there was no way something bad could happen... because my companion and I still have work to do here in Sabanalarga.

Other experience.
Our convert Jeydis (mother of 7) had a dream that my companion was her husband HAHAHAHAHAHA. She told another member who told us. and she´s super embarrassed and my companion feels weird haha.
Okay bye!

November 25, 2013

So this week the work was good, but a little slow because we were traveling doing interviews with the president and such, but we still found a lot of pretty good new investigators. Of course there are always the few who seem awesome and then they see you turn the corner and enter their house really fast with their rocking chair haha.... but they have their glory..........
This week I was focused a lot in just letting my companion take charge... and it´s hard! He´s great... but I just like to talk I think haha. But it´s been good, he´s taking a little more responsibility and I´m learning better how to listen.
In my interview with the mission president he told me that he´s changing things up so that now we´ll all be staying in our areas more time! So I hope that means I get to stay in Sabanalarga a few extra transfers! It´s great here and it´s awesome to see the progress of the group.
Yesterday we had a satellite transmission from the area presidency that talked about the important of ward counsel and things like that.
Everyone here is all decorated for Christmas already... It makes all the missionaries a little home sick haha. But it´s okay! We´re doing good!
Only 1 investigator came to church yesterday... a lot of people said they´d come but.... you know how it goes. anyways..
I love you all! Happy thanksgiving!

November 18, 2013

So this week we had a really good week as well as serving the lord and completing with our missionary purpose... We had 3 baptisms planned. But the night before the baptism we went to one house to ask the mom if she had extra white clothes (baptismal clothes are about as rare as a charizard pokemon card here) and she started looking and told us to come in. She`s the mom of a whole family that was investigating, but the dad and kids all backed out because they´re not really sure. So we were sitting there when one of her kids, he´s 8, came in and asked if she was really going to go through with the whole baptism thing, and she said, "Yeah, and you?" He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Eh, okay."
So we went over the baptismal interview questions and he got interviewed and baptized with his mom the next day.
So we had FOUR people get baptized on Saturday! and the best part was that the whole family of this lady came and later-on the dad said, "yeah, at one point we´ll all get baptized, we just need time."
Yesterday at church we had a great sacrament meeting, I say that just because everything went smoothe and it´s always a hassle. But i forgot to assign the prayers so I just called out names of members and they got up and did it hahahahaha.
We had 3 investigators in church yesterday, it´s not 9, but 4 just got baptized hahaha.
We recently started teaching this new family that runs a corner store and the dad is a little reluctant, but the mom and daughter already have testimonies and came to church, so I´m really excited about that.
I love this area so much, and my companion is so great, I don´t want to leave... but the transfers are still a little ways away haha.
I got my package! It´s everything a missionary wants and more. When I put on my new white shrirst I felt so..... clean and professional! haha And I love the blue and yellow tie! and the nuts and bolts... and the peanut brittle... and the salt water taffies.... and the books.... You´re the best support group EVER!!!!

November 11, 2013

So this week we had a baptism! His name is Juan and he progressed pretty fast and has a good testimony! The baptism was a little special because the pool water was.... green haha and he couldn`t fit in my white pants because he`s so skinny so we had to use my companions white tie as a belt so that the pants didn`t fall off, but other than that it went really well! It was my companion`s first baptism in the mission so that was super cool!
We also are having a lot of success with several investigators where as coming to church! We had NINE investigators at church yesterday! and 3 of them are getting baptized this saturday! It`s going to be a great day haha.
There was a family that we were teaching awhile ago that suddenly started hiding from us and we discovered that the dad was just not ready for baptism, but his wife says that she doesn`t want to wait anymore so she`s going to be the example and get baptized first!
Then we have two other investigators that are pretty shy and we were worried that they didn`t have testimonies, but we talked with them and they`re ready and excited to get baptized too!
Enrique, a recent convert, is so great and the branch wants to give him the melchezedic priesthood already so that he can work even more! and he`s doing great with his calling as the gospel principles teacher.
So the work here is going well, but we`re already half way through this transfer and I`m pretty nervous that my time is Sabanalarga is winding down... so time to work! haha. I`ll just keep praying that I stay.
Love you bye!

November 4, 2013

So this week we`ve been really blessed to see a few different investigators preparing to get baptized, some of them are leaving really soon so we´re kind of under pressure, but I think they´ll get baptized.
On Sunday we had a baptismal interview for an investigator named Juan that is getting baptized on Saturday, so that will be cool, AND he asked if my companion could baptze him!!!!!! It´s his first baptism in the mission so that´s going to be really cool!
Today for P-day we got to go and play soccer with our whole zone, but I´m not too good haha, but it was still pretty fun.
The branch president in the next town over decided this last week that he wants us to be going to ward counsel every week, so unfortunately we lose basically all of Saturday night going to that which is rough to make sure that the investigators come, but I know that it´s what the Lord commanded, so we´ll see how things go with this.
Nothing too exciting happened this week... sorry haha. The people here are really nice! It starts raining and random strangers tell you to come in, they don´t really want to listen, but they let us in and we teach them anyways haha.
Have a great week! I wish you all the best!

Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28, 2013

So we had transfers this week and everyone was a little nervous, but... nobody changed haha. The 4 of us here in Sabanalarga are here to stay another round! We also had a pretty good week, we didn`t find many new people, but we did have 4 people come to church as investigators and...... A BAPTISM!!!!!!! We had a baptism yeah!!! Her name is Angelica and she`s great. She didn`t have a problem with any commandment and accepted everything that we taught he super fast. She`s way nice and I`m excited for her.
Her baptism was kind of a miracle because we told all the people to be at the church at 2:15 so we could all walk to the pool together (it`s pretty far) and everyone said okay, but it was 2:40 and nobody was there and it was about to rain. So my companion and I went and we prayed asking that the people would show up and that it wouldn`t rain. Then we left and headed over to the pool.
We were so blessed to get there and see that a lot of people just wanted to get straight there and were waiting for us! and then more members showed up afterward! and it never rained until like half an hour after the baptism. God is so great.
The baptism was good besides the fact that the water went up to my chest and her chin hahaha. But it still works.
I`ve felt my testimony grow a lot about god answering just the little prayers. The little prayers in our hearts have so much power if we`re sincere and willing to act.
And fun fact! Today for the first time in the mission field I found a scale! I weigh about 170 pounds! wow... haha. That`s a lot of sweat
Sorry, there isn´t a picture of the baptism because I left my camera in the house, but next week I´ll send one next week.

October 21, 2013 - Exorcist!

So this was a good week! yesterday we had NINE investigators at church! It was awesome! 5 are the result of a reference that we got from a member. This investigator is named Denis and she´s so nice and loves the gospel, but the sad thing is she can´t get baptized... She is living with a guy that she´s not married to and he´s living in adultery, but takes really good care of Denis and her granddaughters, he pays for everything so she says she can´t leave him... So we´re working on that and more than anything focusing on her granddaughters and all the other references that she´s giving to us.
We had this guy come to church who talks like batman because he used to have cancer from smoking, but now he´s good haha.
So this last week we had an interesting, scary, and in the end spiritual experience....
We went to visit a member and she was all good and happy and then she stopped us and said "Elders, we have a problem in the house (she´s the only member that lives there but like 10 other people live there). She said that her niece was acting really strange and that the whole house was scared for her. She told me to look at the niece through the window and she was just in a blank stare. We asked what the problem was and she said that a few days before she went with some friends to a place and came back really weird. And anytime that somebody said something about God, or a prayer, she would start this blood curdling scream. So yeah, the whole house hold was freaked out. Her high school sent her home and said she needed professional help as well. And really she just wouldn´t talk. Only scream whenever somebody mentioned god.
As I was sitting there listening to the story I looked over at the niece again and she gave me the darkest look I´ve EVER received. I then asked the member, "Okay, what do you think it is?" She said, "I think she´s possessed and I asked an ex-missionary and he said to talk to you guys, and everyone in my house wants me to talk to you too."
So I told her we wanted to talk to the niece, but first I was going to go and call the mission president and the branch president. I told the branch president what had happened and he said (literally), "AH FETCH!!!, I don´t know, call your mission president," hahaha. I called the mission president and he said, "Well Elder, if you feel like you can... go ahead and give her a blessing."
So we went back to the house and the niece was outside and wouldn´t talk or look at us, but shook our hands. I told the member to go and ask the parents for permission to give her a blessing and they said it was okay. So then we went into a room and I said "Okay Cati... We´re gonna give you a priesthood blessing so that you can feel better," She looked at me and started breathing REALLY hard, but nodded her head just barely.
I felt SOOOOO nervous!!!! but I remembered president Uchtdorf, "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith," Then my companion and I put our hand on her head and blessed her. I don´t know what I said completely, but afterwards it was really quiet...... and then.......
.....GASP!!!!!! She screamed and then started hyperventilating.... but slowly calmed down and relaxed... We stayed there for a little while until she could talk and just said that she felt really tired because she hadn´t slept in 3 days, but now she could think for herself....
WHAT A RUSH!!!! I´m just SOO glad I was worthy, but I know we didn´t do anything. We were just there. The spirit during the blessing was so strong and I know that god was there present and helped another one of his children through his servants.
We have a lesson with this niece today and we´re going to go see if she wants to get baptized now hahah.
We also have a baptism this week! Her name is Angelica and she´s great. She´s so well prepared.
Love you all! bye! Thank you all for the letters and support that you send.

October 14, 2013

So this week was good because we found a lot of new people to teach including a few families that seem to be rather interested so that was awesome, but unfortunately we lost some of our best investigators... We´ve been teaching this Hernandez family and they were doing really well, but last Sunday they didn`t come to church and then all week long they would hang up every time we called and never were in their house. We sent some members over to see what happened and they said that the family basically just doesn´t want to get baptized. They want to go to church but they feel pressured into baptism. It´s really sad and it got me a little down, and they didn`t even come to church on Sunday, but we´re praying and fasting for them hoping that they´ll talk to us again.
We have another investigator that is going well and she lives with her granddaughters who also want to be baptized, but we found out that the grandma has a little afternoon delight fella.... he is very open about his adultery and says that he´s with two women, and our investigator just laughs... we´re going to have a chat with her in about 2 hours haha.
We have another great investigator that should be getting baptized next week and she´s awesome. she doesn´t drink, smoke, drink coffee (amazing for colombia), and isn´t fornicating! haha. Her name is Angelica.
I want to share a cool experience. Yesterday we went to visit a family of recent converts and the dad is inactive right now. He never wants to talk to us, but he said he would yesterday. We were in the lesson and I was answering his questions and teaching and then realized that I was talking a lot and not letting my companion speak. I then felt a strong impression that my companion should talk, it was cool. So I stopped and looked at him. My awesome companion who has only been a member for a year then started to testify and cry and the spirit got so strong. I felt so glad just to listen to the spirit to let my new companion strengthen is testimony. It was a really neat experience. I like training a lot.
Not many investigators came to church yesterday, but we´ll get `em!!! Okay I love you all. bye!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

So general conference was absolutely AWESOME right? Nobody here can believe that at home we don`t even have to leave our house to watch it, but it`s still good dressed in church clothes in a little room without air conditioning.
So this last week was interesting because here in Sabanalarga there was a huge party this and it was dangerous, so we were "locked in" since Jueves... yay.... But it was pretty busy still. We went to a zone meeting, and then Saturday and Sunday we had general conference to go and see.
To see conference we traveled to another town that`s close to here. There´s is a branch there that is like over the group here in Sabanalarga.
So we traveled over there and then it was just us 4, the branch president and the sister missionaries that work there showed up late haha. And then Priesthood session was the same minus the sister missionaries haha.
I LOVED Elder Uchtdorf`s talk about how in this church there is a place for everyone. It was amazing!
On Sunday we rented a bus  to take the members here over to that little town to watch the morning session and wow....... there was not  enough room in that little chruch and definitely not enough fans... I sweated the whole time haha. So I wish I could say that I got more out of the Sunday morning session, but I couldn`t really hear either. So when the Ensign comes I`ll read all that a little better haha. 
This week was boring  because we were stuck in the house, but a cool experience was planning  with my companion. We were talking about what we were going to teach this family, but we got stuck on what they needed. So we started thinking and I said we should teach them about prayer, and then he said he was thinking the same thing.  It was a good and simple  experience but a good opportuninty  to teach my companion about revelation.
Not many   investigators came to see conference (only  1) so we`ve got a lot of work to do in this week.
Love you all! Bye!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hello from ColOmbia! This week was great because SIX (6, SEIS) investigators came to church and they all loved it so that was awesome. We´re being really blessed here in the area.
My companion and I are getting along well and we´re having a lot of success finding people, and people that really are prepared so that´s cool.
There´s this big party thing coming to this town this week and so we don´t know if they going to tell us to stay in the house for a few days or not, because everyone says that it´s pretty dangerous, so that should be cool. 
The family that we´re preparing for baptism for next Saturday is preparing well, but the dad and son didn´t come to church yesterday, so we hope and pray that they´ll come this Sunday to general conference. 
We went and taught a lady that was a reference like 3 days ago and we left and said, "eh, she´s alright." and then Sunday came to church with her granddaughters who are super smart and awesome and last night they all said that they love the church and want to go to general conference this week. So that was cool.
For conference this week I don´t know what we´re going to be doing. I think we actually just get to see one session because we have to travel in bus to the nearest branch to see the broadcast.
Yesterday a member called me over to go to their house and said, "Elder Morgan, I know that you´re like the leader here and so I think you´ll have the answer to this question...." and went on to explain how they found a lost temple of Ismael in the book of mormon here in Colombia and wanted to know more about who he is...... I´m so not qualified for this "being in charge" business haha.
I really don´t have much to say about this week besides that it was great. So have a good one family!

September 23, 2013

So this week was good here. We worked really hard and found a lot of new people to teach, but only 2 investigators came to church yesterday. The family that we´re working on baptizing still wants to get baptized, but it turns out that the dad has a little..... "friend" on the side... so he wants to repent first haha. I was super shocked because his wife totally knows and is okay with it. She just said, "Raul has a second wife kind of thing going on and wants to end that before he gets baptized." And we said that´s probably best haha. We had interviews with the mission president this week and it was really nice. He´s a great guy, and his wife is so nice. She made rice krispy treats for all the missionaries. In my interview he just asked about how I like things as a trainer and I said it´s fun. We talked for a while and then he showed me a super awesome scripture Abraham 4:18. Because we were talking about the importance of being accountable. The group here in Sabanalarga is coming along nice. I got to be in charge of sustaining and stuff like that on Sunday. It felt really weird, but it was fun. Sunday was rough here because every few weeks there´s a Sunday when motorcycles are forbidden. And here everyone uses motorcycle taxis, so the church attendance was really low yesterday, but we´re all doing good. Nothing else too exciting happened this week. But I love you guys! bye!

September 16, 2013

So this last week was good and new. We were all a little nervous for transfers to come. My companion Elder Abad really loves Sabanalarga, but the call came and he was called to go and serve in Valledupar. Another Elder in our house also left. The zone leaders talked to everyone and then to me last. The zone leader said, "First of all your trainer is really proud of you... because he´s now a GRANDPA!!! You´re going to train!!!" I was super nervous and I still am a little bit, but it will be a fun experience.
So Wednesday morning I took my companion to the terminal in Barranquilla and then I went and had a little training for all the newbies. My companion´s name is Elder Vélez from Ecuador. He´s 20 years-old and has only been a member for a year. What a guy. He´s super humble and nice and obedient. I´m realy blessed to be paired with him. And I´m really excited for the experience to learn everything again.We got back to our area here in Sabanalarga and got back to work. It´s really fun teaching everything and having somebody that asks me questions haha. But we got here and started preparing Enrique´s girlfriend to get baptized, and boy oh boy was it difficult..Her family is super catholic and her and Enrique wanted everything to be secret, but we went to the pool in the morning and she said there were people there that she knew and so she couldn´t get baptized..... My heart dropped. We tried talking about it and she just said no, no, no,no... Next week. Then I asked if there was another pool close by and a member went in his motorcycle and it turned out that there was! So we all walked for about 30 minutes baking in the sun, but... SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was really nice.Also a family that we´re teaching named the Hernandez family. Is coming along nicely. They have a hard time with coffee, so we said, "will you stop in this next week?" and they said maybe... but the next day the mom came to church with a headache for not drinking coffee!!!! What a champ! hahaSo that was my week. Hope you guys are all doing well. I love you bye!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9, 2013 Happy One Year!!

So this week was just awesome, well it didn´t start out that way, but it ended up fantastic. There´s a chilean food called "completos" that is basically like a hot dog but with avacado and tomatos and mayonaise, and I live with a chilean so he made us all one on Tuesday. Then we left to go to work. I started to not feel very good and had a little bit of a headacheand my stomach hurt pretty bad. We were visiting with a member and I asked if she had tips about how to git rid of the feeling to vomit and she said "Just do it," haha, so we kept walking and then......... I sat down and said "uh oh Elder.........   (BLAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!)" I totally threw up in the street haha. Then 2 minutes later it came back again and BLAAAAAH!!!!! I could actually see half of the hot dog and I learned that I need to chew my food better hahahaha.
The we went at night to visit another member and they said I looked flushed and that I needed a soda and alkaseltzer, but drinking the super bubbly drink in the members corner store made me.......     BLAAAAAAAH!!!!!! and that was number 3 for the day right in front of the members house. I looked back at the members and the poor youngest daughter looked petrified haha, I looked at them, gave a thumbs up, and     BLAAAAAAAH!!!! NUMBER 4!!! 4 TIMES!!! haha. What a day. I didn´t eat anything afterwards for like 24 hours but I got better!
On Wednesday Enrique went to do visits with us and is freaking awesome! He teaches so well and has helped a lot of investigators. One investigator said she got her answer because of his testimony, but we´re getting to that. We´re also preparing Enrique´s girlfriend to get baptized this Saturday and it´s a little stressful because she still loves the Virgin Mary. haha. It´s okay to respect her.... but we can´t pray to her haha. But Enrique talked to her and on Sunday she came to church without her prayer beads and virgin mary necklace! woohoo!!! She´s excited to get baptized, but has a lot of opposition.
Her whole family is SUPER Catholic and they found out she´s investigating the church and now they don´t let her leave, but she leaves secretly with Enrique to talk to us, but said that she doesn´t think she can come to church because her family will kick her out. So we shared the story of Joshua and his priests crossing the Jordan river, that the waters didn´t separate until their feet got wet. And she said "Okay, I´ll get my feet wet." Then the next day she said she´ll come EVERY Sunday... YAY!!!!
And this last Saturday was super awesome. We had a baptism! His name is Cesar. He didn´t have much time to talk so all the lessons were really hectic, but he accepted it all and has a testimony. And what a blessing it was to see Enrique, the new convert baptize him. What a day.
Then Sunday was great. This family that has been investigating for a long time came to church! They came and then at night we went to visit them with a family here in the group and the member family all testified and it was awesome. I´m sure that they´ll get baptized this month.
We´re all a little nervous because transfers are this week on Wednesday. So we´ll see what happens! I´d like to stay here and for Elder Abad to stay too. We work well together and we´re getting a lot done.
I also completed 1 year in the mission! YAY!!!! I took an old shirt and wrote "1 year" and then I burned it. That´s about it haha. But it was still pretty cool!
I love you all and I love hearing about home!

September 2, 2013

So this week was really good and I want to thank all of you for the happy anniversary wishes haha. I can't believe that it's been a year... I STILL HAVE A LOT OF TIME LEFT!!!! I hope... haha
So this week was great because we're going to have a baptism this Saturday, let me tell you why. So this guy is a friend of Enrique and his name is Cesar. He's also really catholic, but also wanted to know more. We put a baptismal date with him in the first visit 3 weeks in advance and he's been coming to church, but the problem is that he studies in Barranquilla all week long and only has a little bit of time to talk Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday he came and we asked how he's been feeling and he said, ''I've actually felt a change,''  And we said that he was lacking basically all of the lessons and commandments and so we asked if he was willing to do the work to get baptized in 1 week and he said yes! So we've been teaching him everything super fast but he accepts it all and is willing and excited to get baptized on Saturday!
Also Enrique's girlfriend is stoked to get baptized and her mom fond '''Mormon Pamphlets'' and got mad at her and she said she doesn't even care anymore haha.
I saw my first Colombian mugging!!!! A guy who goes house to house collecting debts was at a house and two guys came up in a motorcycle wearing helmets so you couldn't see their faces and pulled a gun on him........ AND HE STARTED TO FIGHT THEM!!!! What a hero haha. They shot a bullet in the air and then everyone around screamed. We were pretty far away but semi-close. We just turned the corner and walked away, but it was still a little cool to see (natural man).
So those are some cool experiences of the week

I love being a missionary and can't believe it's halfway over. I know the Lord has blessed me and will keep doing so. I'm so blessed to be out here preaching the love and hope that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope you all have a great week!

August 26, 2013

What a week! For us and you all there enjoying your wedding in the rain! The pictures look awesome and I´m glad it all turned out good. I look fantastic. So in this week we were super blessed here in our area. First of all we were working really hard to find some new people to teach and we found several people that are really good. We found a whole family and also a SUPER catholic that is going to make an awesome convert once he feels that the book of mormon is true.But the best part of the week was Saturday. Everyone remembers Enrique right?, the super awesome investigator that got his testimony super fast and super strong? Well he got BAPTIZED!!!!!! The day before his baptism we were teaching him and his girlfriend and he cried when we talked about how he could receive the priesthood and then baptize his girlfriend. He was studying to be a catholic priest at one time and said that it has always been his dream to have the priesthood, but was sad in the catholic church because he had to leave his girlfriend, and now he´s joining a church where all the leaders are married and he said it just makes him so happy!He got baptized on Saturday and I had the pleasure of baptizing him. Here in Sabanalarga there´s no font so we went to the nearest pool and I baptized him in water that went up to our mid chest haha, but it was awesome. He bore his testimony afterward and it was so awesome. The whole group here is stoked because they know that he´s going to be a huge help.On Sunday was his confirmation and Sunday was also good because some high counselman from the stake came to support us. I was a little nervous leading the meeting with them there, but it ended up fine. Afterwards they came and asked about Enrique and I told them that the group just received one if it´s best and most valuable members. They got happy and interviewed him. Enrique told us afterward that they said he needs to start preparing himself to be a leader in the group eventhough he just got baptized and he said (in the words of Nefi because he memorized it), "I will go and do the things the Lord has commanded..." I LOVE THIS CONVERT!!!!!!! He´s such a champ. At night he went with us to a lesson. A new investigator that´s super catholic. Enrique was nervous, but when I asked him to bear his testimony...... WOW!!! He showed this super catholic what´s up! After the lesson he was super happy and said, "Elder, can I visit with you more often?" He´s the best hahaWe also got to see the priesthood in action here in Sabanalarga. In priesthood we talked about how the melchezedick priesthood holders here in this group are the power in this whole city.Then afterwards the only 2 Melchezedick Priesthood holders came and said they wanted to go with us to visit our investigator sick in the hospital. We went and they gave a priesthood blessing. It was awesome.The mission is so fun and exciting, and spiritual. I Love you all and happy wedding brock!

We couldn't have a wedding without Cole!

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hello! How`s it going? AWESOME! Happy wedding this Saturday to Brock!!! I`m so excited I can`t even hide it! I`ve been telling people that he`s getting married and everyone says, "Do you get to go home for that?," "no," "that`s so sad!!!" But it`s okay! The mission is pretty cool too. I hope that the wedding works out well and that everything goes to plan.
Here in Colombia things are going pretty well! It`s a little warm, but that`s okay. We`re working really hard at finding new investigators, but it`s hard when we have a lot of good people, but they don`t all complete with their commitments so we need to start finding new people to teach. We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday. Enrique (the awesome investigator from last week that I talked about) and his girlfriend came. She`s still a little sceptical because we don`t believe that Maria is our mom, but eh.... We`ll work and that haha.
We also have another investigator who comes every week and is awesome, but we need to do some paper work so that he can get married and then he can get baptized. His name is Angel and he`s blind, but he comes and is faithful. He also writes songs and says that he wants to talk to the leaders of the church to see if they can get published. It`ll be a little hard but who knows, maybe some day haha.
The other companionship here in the house baptized this last week and that was a neat experience, but we had to travel quite a ways to do the baptism to get to a pool, but hopefully we find a pool here close this week for Enrique`s baptism on Saturday.
Unfortunately the attendance here in ther group this week was pretty low (35 people). So this week my companion and I put a goal to and visit more members, and hopefully that works out well.
Yeah, that`s all from Colombia, but I hope the wedding goes well!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013

So this week was super awesome for several reasons but one in particular..... I GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!! Thank you!!!! I love all of it, but especially the photos. I didn´t even know our family had pictures haha.
This week here in the group we had stake conference so I got to find a bus and organize all that and then yesterday morning it got here early and drove us straight to Barranquilla for stake conference. After the conference we were stuck waiting for about 50 minutes because the bus drove left and nobody could find him, some people were upset, but the majority were okay. It was awesome over all because we had about 50 people with us and 4 of them were investigators, but that´s not even the best part. The stake I´m in now is the same stake where I started my mission so I got to see like all the people from my first ward.
One of my companions once said that the greatest blessing in the mission is being able to see your converts active, and he wasn´t kidding! I was so happy to see 3 converts there! One of them, Clara, is an investigator that we found on a street corner and she got baptized along with her daughter and yesterday she came up and said "Elder Morgan! I never thought I´d see you again! My son´s getting baptized next week and I want to thank you for talking to me in the street that day about 5 months ago." She´s the best haha.
Also in this last week one of our investigators named Enrique (I think I mentioned him last week, He´s the one that gained a testimony super fast) is doing really REALLY well. We were worried because he didn´t want to tell his girlfriend about his choice to be baptized, but on Saturday he brought her to the lesson (He also had asked us how we do marriage in our church and just about keeled over when we explained that in our church marriage is for eternity). In the end of the lesson he told her to ask us a question and she said, "Is it true that in your church people get married for eternity?" "Yes," we said. "What do I have to do to get married in a temple?" We then explained that she just needed to get baptized. Then her boyfriend, Enrique, put his arm around her and said, "Elders,.. we want to get sealed in a temple for eternity."............... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about died and asked if he was actually Colombian or not because this is SOOOOO not Colombian haha. We have a lesson with them tonight.
That´s the news from Sabanalarga! Adios!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Cole! August 5, 2013

Hello family! So here I am in my new area. I was really sad to leave Valledupar and one of the members who cooks us lunch on Tuesdays cried when I said I was leaving. I really loved Valledupar and it´s awesome, but when the Lord calls... We answer haha.I was assigned to a new area called Sabanalarga. It´s interesting because it´s in the same stake that I was in the beginning of my mission, but Sabanalarga is a "pueblo" (A smaller city). I was called here but I´m still a district leader, but district leader here in this pueblo is different because it´s not a ward, nor a branch... IT´S A GROUP!!! What does that mean? That as district leader I´m also the group leader hahaha. I get to host sacrament meeting, I give assignments for the talks the next week, and we also live in the church haha. It´s a two story house and we live upstairs. The weirdest part was when they blessed the sacrament and then served me first haha. That was a little bit of a schocker and I looked at my companion to make sure we weren´t in apostasy haha.But the group is super awesome. There´s like 1 REAL family that is a mom, dad, and kids and they help with everything. There are some other members that are really faithful and come to every activity too. The group is actually part of a branch that is about 30 minutes away and every sunday we get to carry the tithing over to the branch president. I was excited to meet the branch president til he opened the door and turned out to be a 23 year-old returned missionary who just got home from his mission a year ago hahaha. This is gonna be really fun!! I really am like super stoked, also because we have some good investigators. A guy named Enrique came to the church a week ago just to ask who we were, and the elder before me and my new companion (Elder Abad, he´s awesome and short) made an appointment with him. We met with him and presented the book of mormon, then the next day at night he knocked on the door out of breath because he said he had been running to the church every hour to talk to us. We sat down and he looked at us and said, "Elders, there are answers... a whole lot of answers. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I want to get baptized."...... WHOA!!!!!!!! What a rush!!!Anyways, as far as my birthday goes... it was right after transfers so nobody in the ward knew, but my companion gave me a hug during personal study time. Then later in the day after a baptismal interview everyone in the church sang me happy birthday. They´re so nice haha.In love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes!!!Have a great week!

July 29, 2013

So the week ended and the transfer is coming to an end. We have transfers on Wednesday. I don't know what's going to happen, but if I could choose I'd like to stay here in this ward because it's super sweet and the people are great, but we'll see. It's not very likely that I'll stay with my companion because we already have 3 transfers together which is super rare, and I think we're both ready for a change haha.
One of our investigators named Kevin is doing great. His baptismal date is August 10th and he's really preparing himself. He says that he doesn't feel too prepared, but he wants to do it. We told him that we know he's ready and he got really excited, so that's awesome.
This last week has been interesting because the one of the zone leaders that lived with us had to leave. So all last week we had a mini missionary in the house, but this week the zone leader just finds random members every day to leave with him and then at night we all have to sleep in the same room because of the rules, and our room is too small so we sleep in his room and who gets the floor.... Cole gets the floor haha. It's a little cooler down there, but it's still the floor haha.
The sister missionarys are fighting again and so I get to talk to them and tell them to love each other a lot which is fun, but I just pray a lot because I think God's the only one who can handle that situation haha.
Sorry, not much happened this week. Everyone enjoy your August 3rd! It's the day that the greatest blessing EVER came into the world! haha
Love you bye!

July 22, 2013

Hello. So this week was good! I feel like we´re working really hard and we´ve been blessed. We have several investigators that are progressing well to get baptized so I´m pretty stoked about that. On Saturday it was Colombia´s independance day! Not as cool as America´s, but hey, they try.
So last Monday (pday) we went downtown here in Valledupar because we wanted a picture of the whole city. So we went to the tallest building and said that we were foreigners who love Valledupar and we wanted to take a photo because we´re only here for a little bit. We did that 3 times to different people until we got to the administrator of the building who told one of the maintenance guys to take us up. IT WAS SWEET! Here are some pictures of it.
Then that night we did a family home evening with an investigator in a members house. Another picture
We´re a little nervous because one of our investigators has a problem. Her name is Kelly and she lives with a member, but the member is still married to his ex-wife. We´ve been working with them and the ward so that he can get divorced, so that they can get married, so that she can get baptized. We finally had some good headway and the divorce is going to happen soon!, but now her boyfriend doesn´t know if he actually wants to get married to her.... boys.
On Tuesday night I interviewed a lady named Arelis and her son for baptism. She´s an investigator of the other missionaries that we live with, and is currently fighting cancer. But a few days before her baptism one of the missionaries I live with had to go to the mission home because he´s really injured, so she said that she wanted me to baptize her. It was really nice of her and the other missionaries make fun of me and say that I´m stealing baptisms, oh well haha. But it was cool. Other picture.
Yesterday only 3 investigators came to church, but it´s a whole lot better than none! One of them is the son of a less-active member and we were nervous because he said he wanted his dad to baptize him, but his dad is, as the bishop says, "a lying alcoholic," but yesterday the dad said he´ll let someone else baptize his kid if he´s not worthy, but we´re going to work with them really hard so that the dad can do it.
Well, have a good week! And a good pioneer day!

July 15, 2013

Another week come and gone. But it was a good one! SIX! Investigators came to church yesterday! We were super blessed! One of them can`t walk so we threw him and his wheelchair in a taxi and went to the church because he was late getting ready. Then during the meetings he had to go to the bathroom and one member (a true sent) took him to the bathroom and helped him go... using a soda bottle..... haha Oh Colombia.
But really a lot of people came to church and it`s wonderful.
On Wednesday my companion and I started up English class, but hardly anybody went because it was raining. But the few people who came enjoyed it and are going to bring friends this week.
We`re getting blessed because members are starting to give us references which is awesome. A lot of people have started inviting us to talk to their family members who aren`t members yet and that is a great way to baptize.
On Tuesday we got to meet our new mission president!!! His name is President Searle (prounouced sUrl) and he`s short haha. Everyone was shocked because we all thought he`d be a tall, tough farmer. But he`s a short, nice and humble farmer haha. He`s working hard to practice his spanish again, but his poor wife.... she`s learning it all new still haha. She`s super nice, but nobody can understand her spanish haha.
When they came she just wanted to talk to me because I`m the only gringo in the zone and asked me help her haha. We all had personal interviews later in the day and she also talked with every missionary. When my companion and I showed up for our interviews she smiled and said "Elder Morgan!!! Come and help!!!" haha So I got to translate for some other Elders haha. But they`re really nice and from Idaho, but no connection to mom or Grandpa.
Well, have a nice week! I love you all!

July 8, 2013

Okay so I attached some pictures from last week. There`s one of the baptism last Saturday, a family home even last Monday, and my daily planner and what it looked like on the 4th of july haha. What a great day the 4th of july right! Quite a few people during the day said, "Wait.... Today is your holiday!!!" haha. I woke up, put on the star spangled banner, and other related tunes and at night time I received my package (thanks) and opened to find the Declaration of Independance inside! I love you America!
I`d say that we had a pretty routine week here. We`re teaching some pretty good people, but we need to find more always haha. Here in the ward the bishopric is really supportive and wants to help. We told the bishop about one of our investigators and their matrimonial problem and he said he wanted to help. The problem is that he`s married... to his ex-wife still, and so they can`t get married until he gets divorced, but his ex-wife left and they can`t find her to get a divorce. And his new wife can`t get baptized until they get married! But the bishop called them into his office and talked to them about how they can fix the problem and so that was really nice of him. But this couple also sells arepas on a street corner and they cook them, cut them open and then put butter and cheese inside......  Whoda thunk that even in Colombia that can have sparks of American genius!!!!
We haven`t met our new president yet, but he`s coming here to Valledupar tomorrow! That should be exciting. He`s going to come and do a little conference and then afterwards interview every missionary. So I`m excited to meet him tomorrow.
Best news of the week! The zone leaders just barely went to Barranquilla to get all of our stuff and I finally got the Liahona (ensign) from the last general conference in English haha. I hardly understood it when it happenes so these last few days have been awesome reading all of the great talks. I loved the talk by Elder Holland.
We`ve been working with a less active family lately and the husband and wife and HUGE problems. Like he calls her names and the kids do too, but she says he`s a bad priesthood holder and things like that. But we taught them this last week and they came to church smiling and talking to eachother! This is good since last week they came at different times and didn`t even sit together.
We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday and that was wonderful. 2 of them are some young single guys and I was worried they were gonna be bored, but I looked back during the last hymn and they were staring at me smiling and giving me a thumbs up haha. We have a lesson with them tonight. I`m super jealous about all the fun 4th of July stuff, but Colombia`s pretty cool too. Everyone here thinks that all we eat at home is hot dogs and hamburgers, so when they asked what a typicle 4th of july food is.... I didn`t want to say, but then I remembered that everyone wants to live there and said hot dogs and hamburgers with pride.
I love you and hope the best for you all! bye!

July 1, 2013

Well I`m really sorry because there`s not like anytime to write. We lost a lot of time in the morning and I don`t really know why haha. But we played basketball today which was fun and our new convert (we`re getting there) invited us over for lunch!
This last week was really cool in our new area. I really like it here. The ward is super excited to have us here and wants to work with us so we`ve been blessed in that way. The best part of the week however was the baptism of Lenis! She is awesome and all that my companion and I really did was finish teaching her the lessons, she was super ready and is super excited now to be a member.
Something cool happened this week walking in the street. A guy called us and said "Elders come here!" So we went over. He said "My name`s Lorenzo and the missionaries were teaching my wife a year ago, then we moved and told the sisters to visit us, but they never came. Will you come and teach my wife who wants to get baptized?" Why yes... yes we will haha. We went to their house and it was super awesome. She has a testimony, but he has to get divorced so that they can get married, but they`re already working on the paperwork. WOOHOO!! They said they weren`t going to church because she wanted to be part of the ward, not just attend. So we explained that we`d help, but they had to go. AND THEY WENT!!! And she was just smiling ear to ear the whole time! and he was less active, but was busting out scriptures I`ve never even heard of before in the classes and blowing the teachers` minds! What a find! haha
Another guy we found a week ago came to church and is actually reading in the book of mormon. He doesn`t really understand our lessons, but loves and understands what he reads in there. He smokes, but we`re gonna talk about that soon haha.
Also in the baptism of this new convert a TON of people showed up (first time in my mission). She had a lot of support and now her mom and sister want to get baptized too! woohoo!!!!
I wish I could write more, but we`re basically out of time. Our new president just got here, but we haven`t heard anything from him yet. Should be cool to meet him.

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

So the transfers were pretty neat haha. Monday night we got back from proselyting and the zone leaders said that EVERYONE in the house (all 6 of us there in that ward) had to pack their bags and they´d tell us more the next day. So we all packed and then Tuesday they told us that we the transfers were different because the sister missionaries were changing areas. So the sister missionaries went to our ward and us we got sent to their ward. Then Tuesday night they told us all our real transfers.. Nothing really changed haha. My zone leader (ex trainer) left and the other companionship left as well, but my companion and I stayed the same and just a new zone leader came to our new ward with us. So I´m still here in Valledupar with my same companion (He´s not very happy haha, but it´s okay. And it´s almost unheard of for a companionship in this mission to be together for 3 transfers).
My new ward is called Simon Bolivar. It´s actually really great. There are a lot more members than my last area and they haven´t seen Elders in a long time so they´re all excited. So the ward is also really excited that there´s an American here. When I presented myself in sacrament meeting I said that I was from Chocó, Colombia and everybody laughed really hard. (Look up what people from Chocó look like and you´ll understand.
How about that super awesome training meeting yesterday!!! That was so cool!! They said a lot about how things in the mission field are going to change and I hope that it´s true. Right after the meeting, 2 members came and gave us references of people to visit haha. So I´m pretty excited.
It was cool when we got to this area because the sisters had baptisms just ready for us haha. We have a baptism planned this Saturday for a lady named Lenis! She´s great and has a strong testimony.

Fun story. So we swapped houses witht the sister missionaries. They hadn´t payed their power bill and so we were without power for 2 days, but apparently we didn´t clean our house very well... One of them yells at me every night over the phone about how the dust in the house is making her sick haha, but they´ll be fine. BUT!!! The other gringo I was living with, Elder Cook, did something a little... stupid haha. There was a whole bunch of soup in the fridge that a member made for us. He wanted to help clean, so he dumped the ALL of the soup in the toilet and flushed it... Now that would be fine, but soup here always has like potatoes, yuca (worst food ever), and bones. So the next day when a sister went to the bathroom...... The soup came back.... So apparently there´s soup and other stuff all over the floor of their house... Poor sisters.... oh well! haha.

Yesterday we taught a new investigator at a members house and we asked the dad to testify and he compared the Book of Mormon to pizza. Saying that we only need a slice to know that the whole thing is good. It was a little weird but worked. Then we finished and he ran inside and brought out a pizza he had just cooked for us! hahahahaha. People here are so nice and funny haha.

I love you all and I TOTALLY saw Hayden yesterday and half-yelled "Mi primo!!!" and the whole stake looked at me. Did I mention that I´m the only gringo in Valledupar haha. Bye!

June 17, 2013

So this week was a little disheartening haha. My companion and I had a hard time finding new people to teach. We knocked on a lot of doors, talked to a lot of people in the street, but we just couldn`t find anyone. We did get one old investigator back that`s pretty good. Her husband is a member, but she never joined, but she takes really well to us and I think something good is going to happen there. Another investigator, Diana, is really great and nice, but NEVER has time to listen to us. There was a baptism of a another companionship and we invited her. She came and said that she braught fabric to go to the Relief Society activity too! Then the next day showed up to church. She asked us who one guy was and we said an "Investigator" and she said "Oh, like the people who are just getting to know the church?" So she already thinks that she`s a member haha. People like that we call "Dry members" We just have to baptize her.
After the whole week of not really finding anyone or teaching we were a little discouraged. I felt bad and was praying really hard. Then at nighttime yesterday I just said "okay, one more house." My companion said no we should go but then he agreed. We knocked on a house and a guy let us in immediately. He listened and said he`s always been a little sad because his mom died recently (he`s only 22). So we shared some scriptures about the spirit world and he actually got HAPPY!!! I don`t know if he`ll really progress, but in that moment I just felt God was answering my prayers that there still are people to find here.
Today we went to the mall (♫Let`s go toooo the mall... Today♫) and I ate a hamburger! then I bought an icecream cone. Then afterwards everybody else wanted one and wanted to take pictures with them, so I bought another one, but I forgot my camera.
Transfers are Wednesday and it`s more than likely that either my companion or I will leave. We fight every now and then, and he doesn`t like working a whole lot, but we actually worked pretty well together when it came down to it.
Let`s just all hope that Cole doesn`t go to Cartagena because it`s the hottest time of the year and Cartagena is the hottest place of them all haha.
HEY!! Yesterday in gospel principles we talked about spiritual gifts and they talked about the gift of tongues. And our investigator (Diana, who goes to all the activities but doesn`t like talking to us that much) said that she could see the spirit is true because she can actually understand me hahaha. She`s awesome.
Well to all you folks back there in the ol` USA I miss you and I`m praying for you. The gospel`s true, and God loves us all.

June 10, 2013

Hello! How are you all? I´m great! haha. It´s really hot, but we´re working just the same. It always gets hottest right before it rains. Yesterday it was super hot and it was cloudy so everybody was sitting outside waiting for the rain to fall, but it never did haha. The clouds just passed by and everybody got upset and said they don´t understand how we walk around in shirts and ties in the heat.
On Thursday we had a little conference thingy with our mission president since he´s leaving next month. He just came and gave some parting words of wisdom and took pictures with everyone. He´s really great and I think he´ll be a 70 one day haha. His advice that he gave us was a nice about becoming like Christ and really coming to know him. He said that if we really study the scriptures like we should and study the life of the savior, we shouldn´t have any problem with obedience to his commandments. He also talked about this silly thing called marriage... psh... He said that really we should have the goal of getting married in 2 years after the mission......  hogwash! And we´ll worry about that later haha.
Anyways our investigators are... well some are progressing nicely. We had one come to church yesterday. We never see her walk in. We wait outside and are sad because nobody came and then we enter and see her sitting there haha. What an answer to a prayer! She´s great and she´s the one who owns a spa. The only problem is that she´s super busy and she hardly has time to let us come and teach her.
This whole speaking English thing is really paying off. On Wednesday in English class, we got there a little late and there was a guy that we contacted in the street waiting for us. We contacted him like a week before and he lived in London for a few years. So he wanted to practice his English. He came to the class and said that he also wanted to find a good church to assist. So, being the nice missionary that I am, we helped him haha. It was cool and it was the first lesson I´ve ever taught in English! He really liked it all but.... didn´t come to church. So we´re gonna have to go and visit him and have a chat.
Yesterday our appointments fell through so we started to contact. We talked to a guy that really wasn´t showing any interest then he stopped and said "You´re not from here!" (in english) and I said no and he invited us to sit down and gave us some water. Then he turned out to be really interested! He wanted to learn more and cares a lot about his family.
We´re also teaching an investigator who´s super difficult. He believeD that God was just one person (3 in 1) but now we´ve convinced him down to that there are 3, but he doesn´t believe they have bodies. We showed him a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants, but he hasn´t quite accepted that yet. He´s tough, but he fun to talk to. I have to really work and pray to know what to teach him.
And about an hour ago a guy stopped me and said "my boss wants to speak english with someone." So he invited us to his house tonight to speak with him and his boss. That should be fun! YAY ENGLISH!!!
Anyways, these are some experiences from the week. How´s summer going?! I want to go swimming really bad haha. I bought some otter pops (flavor ice) at the store last week and everybody said that was a dumb purchase... until the next day when they all asked me for one!
Anyways, that´s Colombia for the week! I love you!

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

HOLA!!!! This week was a little rougher than most. Nobody came to church this week. We called a guy who said he was on his way and then never showed up (later on said that he had a commitment) and another investigator told us they didn´t want to continue anymore when we showed up at their house. We struggled really hard to have lessons and to find new people to teach, but we´re working ward to be positive! I´m actually kind of excited because I know that these are the times that we get to really grow and learn!

I got to go and do my first exchange this week which was fun! It was just with some of the missionaries that live in the house and are in the same ward, so it really wasn´t that weird, I just got to work in their area and I really learned a ton which was cool. I went with Elder Cruz and his new American companion went to my area to work. It was cool because everyone complimented me and said my Spanish was better than Elder Cook´s haha, so that was nice of them. 
I also got to give two baptismal interviews this last weekend! One was a lady named Elena and the other was a guy named Luis. They were really great and are both going to get baptized this week.

We taught an investigator this last Wednesday name Diana and she came to church the week before. She´s really great and loves our church and looks at all the time and listens to the hymns haha. But we had to teach her the law of chastity because she´s living with a guy who´s younger than her and they´re not married. She basically said they´re only together be "companions." But we said that if she wants to get baptized she needs to either marry him or get separated. She said she doesn´t want to marry him, but that it will be rough to separate. So we´re going to go see her this week and see how things are going.
Another investigator named Virgilio is being really difficult. He´s from the church "pentacostal" (don´t know what it is in English) but they only believe in christ and that god and the holy ghost are just christ´s other forms. He wants us to come by and then just gives us a lot of scriptures about why we´re wrong and we baptize wrong, but we just testify and we´re going to stop by tomorrow and see if we can explain better, but he likes to talk a lot.

We went and played basketball this morning!!! That was fun haha. We played with a returned missionary and another older guy who schooled us all but it was really fun and now I think I want to go buy a basketball and play more.
So we get an allowance every 15 days and this time was more and I asked why and they said that it was because the dollar raised in value! That´s neat that the money is worth more now! Too bad I already traded all my American money a little while ago....

Sounds like everybody at home is getting really pumped for summer and that´s awesome. Dad finished his festivals, mom doesn´t have any more snot-nosed kids, Brock wants to get married and Callie.... is planting flowers haha.
Tell Parker to keep on waiting and maybe he´ll get sent here to good ol´ Colombia and we can bake in the sun together.
Hayden sounds great. HI HAYDEN (if he reads this) HOW ARE YOU?! The MTC is great! Enjoy the strong spirit that there is there and just learn how to keep it going!

I love you all and I´m praying for you. Bye!