Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17, 2013

So this week was a little disheartening haha. My companion and I had a hard time finding new people to teach. We knocked on a lot of doors, talked to a lot of people in the street, but we just couldn`t find anyone. We did get one old investigator back that`s pretty good. Her husband is a member, but she never joined, but she takes really well to us and I think something good is going to happen there. Another investigator, Diana, is really great and nice, but NEVER has time to listen to us. There was a baptism of a another companionship and we invited her. She came and said that she braught fabric to go to the Relief Society activity too! Then the next day showed up to church. She asked us who one guy was and we said an "Investigator" and she said "Oh, like the people who are just getting to know the church?" So she already thinks that she`s a member haha. People like that we call "Dry members" We just have to baptize her.
After the whole week of not really finding anyone or teaching we were a little discouraged. I felt bad and was praying really hard. Then at nighttime yesterday I just said "okay, one more house." My companion said no we should go but then he agreed. We knocked on a house and a guy let us in immediately. He listened and said he`s always been a little sad because his mom died recently (he`s only 22). So we shared some scriptures about the spirit world and he actually got HAPPY!!! I don`t know if he`ll really progress, but in that moment I just felt God was answering my prayers that there still are people to find here.
Today we went to the mall (♫Let`s go toooo the mall... Today♫) and I ate a hamburger! then I bought an icecream cone. Then afterwards everybody else wanted one and wanted to take pictures with them, so I bought another one, but I forgot my camera.
Transfers are Wednesday and it`s more than likely that either my companion or I will leave. We fight every now and then, and he doesn`t like working a whole lot, but we actually worked pretty well together when it came down to it.
Let`s just all hope that Cole doesn`t go to Cartagena because it`s the hottest time of the year and Cartagena is the hottest place of them all haha.
HEY!! Yesterday in gospel principles we talked about spiritual gifts and they talked about the gift of tongues. And our investigator (Diana, who goes to all the activities but doesn`t like talking to us that much) said that she could see the spirit is true because she can actually understand me hahaha. She`s awesome.
Well to all you folks back there in the ol` USA I miss you and I`m praying for you. The gospel`s true, and God loves us all.

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