Monday, June 24, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hello! How are you all? I´m great! haha. It´s really hot, but we´re working just the same. It always gets hottest right before it rains. Yesterday it was super hot and it was cloudy so everybody was sitting outside waiting for the rain to fall, but it never did haha. The clouds just passed by and everybody got upset and said they don´t understand how we walk around in shirts and ties in the heat.
On Thursday we had a little conference thingy with our mission president since he´s leaving next month. He just came and gave some parting words of wisdom and took pictures with everyone. He´s really great and I think he´ll be a 70 one day haha. His advice that he gave us was a nice about becoming like Christ and really coming to know him. He said that if we really study the scriptures like we should and study the life of the savior, we shouldn´t have any problem with obedience to his commandments. He also talked about this silly thing called marriage... psh... He said that really we should have the goal of getting married in 2 years after the mission......  hogwash! And we´ll worry about that later haha.
Anyways our investigators are... well some are progressing nicely. We had one come to church yesterday. We never see her walk in. We wait outside and are sad because nobody came and then we enter and see her sitting there haha. What an answer to a prayer! She´s great and she´s the one who owns a spa. The only problem is that she´s super busy and she hardly has time to let us come and teach her.
This whole speaking English thing is really paying off. On Wednesday in English class, we got there a little late and there was a guy that we contacted in the street waiting for us. We contacted him like a week before and he lived in London for a few years. So he wanted to practice his English. He came to the class and said that he also wanted to find a good church to assist. So, being the nice missionary that I am, we helped him haha. It was cool and it was the first lesson I´ve ever taught in English! He really liked it all but.... didn´t come to church. So we´re gonna have to go and visit him and have a chat.
Yesterday our appointments fell through so we started to contact. We talked to a guy that really wasn´t showing any interest then he stopped and said "You´re not from here!" (in english) and I said no and he invited us to sit down and gave us some water. Then he turned out to be really interested! He wanted to learn more and cares a lot about his family.
We´re also teaching an investigator who´s super difficult. He believeD that God was just one person (3 in 1) but now we´ve convinced him down to that there are 3, but he doesn´t believe they have bodies. We showed him a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants, but he hasn´t quite accepted that yet. He´s tough, but he fun to talk to. I have to really work and pray to know what to teach him.
And about an hour ago a guy stopped me and said "my boss wants to speak english with someone." So he invited us to his house tonight to speak with him and his boss. That should be fun! YAY ENGLISH!!!
Anyways, these are some experiences from the week. How´s summer going?! I want to go swimming really bad haha. I bought some otter pops (flavor ice) at the store last week and everybody said that was a dumb purchase... until the next day when they all asked me for one!
Anyways, that´s Colombia for the week! I love you!

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