Monday, June 3, 2013

May 27, 2013

HOLA!!! Well this week went well!!! We had 3 people come to church which was AWESOME!! One (Diana) got there 30 minutes early, but we feel bad because the congregation was irreverent and she stood up and changed seats. The other (Virgilio) came late but it´s because he had a car accident and showed up on his bike even though he´s 65 haha. He walked in like a cowboy would walk which was sweet. And the last (Aba) showed up with like 15 minutes left and said she loved it. So now we just have to pray and help them all progress!
This last week on Tuesday we had zone conference which was awesome and we learned a lot. Our president said that in Mexico they don´t knock on doors anymore and he thinks that one day that´ll be the rule world wide. So we need to start working a lot more with members and references (if you have friends at home, show them to the missionaries!). So we´ve started doing that which is good. 
Our mission president also said that all the latins need to focus more on learning english so now everyone wants to practice which is really fun and funny.
We finally had ward counsel for the first time here in this ward and it went really well. We got to talk about our investigators and the members are going to call them and invite them (hopefully). 
Being district leader is... well sometimes rough. Last night when I was verifying the sisters one got mad at me and said that I talked with the other companionship for 3 minutes longer than her and that I don´t care about their investigators... I felt bad a little, but.... come on haha.
How´s home everyone! Stoked for summer?! I was glad to read Hayden´s email and he sounds like he had a good first week. 

I love and pray for you all and hope that all is well at home! Bye!

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