Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

HOLA!!!! This week was a little rougher than most. Nobody came to church this week. We called a guy who said he was on his way and then never showed up (later on said that he had a commitment) and another investigator told us they didn´t want to continue anymore when we showed up at their house. We struggled really hard to have lessons and to find new people to teach, but we´re working ward to be positive! I´m actually kind of excited because I know that these are the times that we get to really grow and learn!

I got to go and do my first exchange this week which was fun! It was just with some of the missionaries that live in the house and are in the same ward, so it really wasn´t that weird, I just got to work in their area and I really learned a ton which was cool. I went with Elder Cruz and his new American companion went to my area to work. It was cool because everyone complimented me and said my Spanish was better than Elder Cook´s haha, so that was nice of them. 
I also got to give two baptismal interviews this last weekend! One was a lady named Elena and the other was a guy named Luis. They were really great and are both going to get baptized this week.

We taught an investigator this last Wednesday name Diana and she came to church the week before. She´s really great and loves our church and looks at all the time and listens to the hymns haha. But we had to teach her the law of chastity because she´s living with a guy who´s younger than her and they´re not married. She basically said they´re only together be "companions." But we said that if she wants to get baptized she needs to either marry him or get separated. She said she doesn´t want to marry him, but that it will be rough to separate. So we´re going to go see her this week and see how things are going.
Another investigator named Virgilio is being really difficult. He´s from the church "pentacostal" (don´t know what it is in English) but they only believe in christ and that god and the holy ghost are just christ´s other forms. He wants us to come by and then just gives us a lot of scriptures about why we´re wrong and we baptize wrong, but we just testify and we´re going to stop by tomorrow and see if we can explain better, but he likes to talk a lot.

We went and played basketball this morning!!! That was fun haha. We played with a returned missionary and another older guy who schooled us all but it was really fun and now I think I want to go buy a basketball and play more.
So we get an allowance every 15 days and this time was more and I asked why and they said that it was because the dollar raised in value! That´s neat that the money is worth more now! Too bad I already traded all my American money a little while ago....

Sounds like everybody at home is getting really pumped for summer and that´s awesome. Dad finished his festivals, mom doesn´t have any more snot-nosed kids, Brock wants to get married and Callie.... is planting flowers haha.
Tell Parker to keep on waiting and maybe he´ll get sent here to good ol´ Colombia and we can bake in the sun together.
Hayden sounds great. HI HAYDEN (if he reads this) HOW ARE YOU?! The MTC is great! Enjoy the strong spirit that there is there and just learn how to keep it going!

I love you all and I´m praying for you. Bye!

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