Monday, June 3, 2013

May 13, 2013

Well that was fun yesterday talking to you guys! I just wish it was longer and that it all started on time haha. It was a little difficult because the bishop wanted to take care of all the tithing and stuff, but hey at least we got it all worked out.I hope that the rest of the week is going well, dad´s still in festival mode which is cool and makes me jealous, mom has one foot out the door into summer which has to be nice, Callie lived through tax season, and Brock wants to get..... married (still can´t believe you announced it right in front of her) Worst proposal ever haha just kidding. And it´s nice to see that TJ is still kicking haha.This week other thatn skype was alright. We found a lot of new people, but I just hope that they start progressing. My companion and I are working well together, but we just need to find a better way to help the people come to church. We had 3 guys that said they really wanted to come, but they have a problem with the word of wisdom. So when we passed by on Sunday morning it was rough to hear that they had JUST gone to bed after a long night of drinking, but I have a little faith that maybe they didn´t drink... that much.This morning we woke up to a nice surprise.... larva...... I think that´s what they´re called. You know those little white wormy things that crawl around. One elder looked in the garbage and saw that there were a ton and then we started looking around the proximeter and realized that were spreading, but we got rid of them all I think/hope. Well... I really wish that I had more to say.. but we talked a lot yesterday and I just had pday like 5 days ago haha. But I love you all and hope that all is well at home. I hope your all getting pumped for summer and buying a pool....  pretty please? Okay bye love you!!!!!!! 

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