Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 8, 2013

So this week was crazy with the pday change and everything, but it was good. Last week the other gringo in the house finished his mission and now is in his house, so here I was all alone with latins, but God loves me and sent a brand new gringo to the house the be trained by Elder Cruz haha. So there´s a brand new gringo and it´s nice knowing more spanish than someone at least. His name is Elder Cook and he´s from Pleasant Grove, and now missionaries are only in the MTC for 6 weeks to learn a language so he´s SUPER fresh haha.
But the biggest news came on Sunday night when the zone leaders were telling the transfers to everyone and told me that I´m now the district leader... I have no idea what I´m doing and it´s a district of 10 missionaries. Basically my free time at night is gone because in this mission we verify with every companionship EVERY night so I´m on the phone FOREVER witht the sister missionaries haha, but it´s okay because they work really hard and are nice. And yesterday we had our first district meeting. I was scared to do the little training thing, but we did it and it worked out haha. But the thing I´m most scared for is that our area isn´t very good and I know that a leader´s area should be the example, but my companion and I are working really hard and are finding a lot of new people.
We have a few real families to teach now and that´s pretty cool. It´s also raining here like every day but that means that people feel bad for us and let us in. It´s kind of like cheating, but hey... whatever it takes right? And I really do feel like the Lord is blessing us in finding new people. We have a hard time some days because we´ll talk to someone in the street who´s awesome and wants to hear more, but they never live in our area haha. But I´m just hoping that carma kicks in and people are finding new ones for us too.
Other cool news! right in front of this internet place that we´re in there´s a guy from Utah who doesn´t speak ANY Spanish but is here exploring business options. He used to work for the church and knows all the apostles and the prophet personally. He came out the other day and said hi to me and asked where the church is and stuff. Then he came to the church sunday (stake conference) and almost died because the air conditioning wasn´t working, but it´s okay because we all almost died haha.
No investigators came to church this last week which was rough. They all were "sick."
Well other than all that everything is pretty good here and yeah. I´m super excited to call home on Mothers day this sunday at 7 my time 6 your time and say hi! Tell all my many girlfriends that they can´t come. And bye I love you!

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