Sunday, May 12, 2013

March 25, 2013

So the week has come and gone but oh boy oh boy! We had 8 investigators in church yesterday! Woohoo!! I was smiling from ear to ear and it was wonderful!Unfortunately our two baptisms didn´t work out. They should be this Saturday, but there´s complications.. The mom said that she doesn´t feel ready for Saturday and wants to wait until the 15th of April or something like that, and the daughter... She´s a real piece of work haha. The daughter had another baptismal interview with our district leader Friday and never showed up even though we called her 3 times and she kept saying she was on the way. So then my district leader and I just said we´d walk to her house and do it there (it´s far away). We walked there and her brother said she had left for the church so we had to hurry back to the church but we got there and she wasn´t there, so then we thought that maybe we were impatient so we walked all the way back to her house to see if she had gotten there yet, but no. Then all the way back to the church again to wait for our companions to get back. In total it was an hour straight of walking superfast and we were both drenched in sweat because now is the time that everybody here has been warning about because it´s SUPER hot!!!  Anyways she never came, but she came to church on Sunday, so we´ll see how this will all work out. On Saturday morning I got to go to college! Elder Palmer has a member in his ward that teaches English at a university so she wanted some gringos to come in and talk to them. We went and showed them who we were and what we did all in English. It was pretty fun. They had soda and chips on the table and asked us to serve ourselves. So naturally we went and started giving it to others and they all got mad and said that they were doing a culture test. They think that Americans just walk and serve themselves without thinking of others, BUT WE SHOWED THEM!!! You´re welcome America. Speaking of America, in this poor area where we go sometimes somebody has an American flag as a curtain for their door and I sing a different patriotic song every time I pass it. On Tuesday I went on an exchange and worked in my district leaders area. It was fun, but I don´t like sleeping in other people´s beds..Tomorrow night is when they will do the transfers so next Monday I´ll let you know if I left or not. We went to the mall last p-day! (insert Robin Sparkles) and I had a banana split and KFC! woohoo!So the Colombian national team played on Friday and wow.... Nobody wants to talk to you during a soccer game haha. The streets were completely empty and everybody said they didn´t want to talk. But we knew the score because every time there was a goal you hear screams from every house. Colombia won 5-0The work here is going on and it´s fun! I´m so happy that we´re seeing some good changes in this area, but we always have a lot more to do. Oh and about this whole email rule of emailing whoever you want. Yeah they haven´t told us about that yet. So maybe later haha.Love you bye!

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