Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 22, 2013

Okay so this week was a little rough. I don`t know why but we just didn`t have that much success. We ended up contacting a lot, and yeah we had some people who were willing to listen to us, but we didn`t really get anywhere far. It was a rougher week, but I know we just have to be diligent and keep working. My companion gets frustrated sometimes and says that contacting isn`t the best way to find people, but then I ask what he`d like to do in that very moment and doesn`t have a response, so then we keep contacting. We are coming up with new ways to find people, but we need to put them more into practice.
On a more positive note! We got our power back after six days in an inferno! That was really nice haha, but all of Valledupar has another problem at this moment... No water in the mornings haha. Water comes out of the fossets very very slow, but nothing out of the showers. Luckily we have a fosset in the back that works okay so we fill buckets up back there and then pour that water on ourselves in the shower to bathe. It`s cold, but a nice little adventure.
We had our interviews with the mission president this last week which was nice. He`s a great man and I know that he cares a lot about the mission. We talked a little bit about how the area is going and he just kind of told me to be patient and that I`m working in one of the poopier (that`s the word they use for rich here) areas of the mission. He also asked i my companion is being obedient and said that he had a problem in the past, but I told him that we`re doing alright. 
We taught a guy yesterday named Alexander who is SUPER intellegent and scares me a little bit. He was living in Utah for a little while like 30 years ago and met the missionaries for the first time there. We knocked on his door a few weeks ago and he said he wanted us to come back. He has a doctrite in philosophy and reads EVERYTHING!!! Including the Book of Mormon and the Koran (silly man) and yesterday him and my companion started to get in a little duel about the authority of God and where we got ours. I had no idea where all this was coming from so I interrupted and said "I know you`re smarter than me and have more knowledge, but have you actually asked God if the Book of Mormon is true?" He said no... but knew that he needed to and what it means if it is true. So I hope he starts progressing soon.
That`s my good story for the week. I don`t know when mothers day is exactly, but I know we get to call. I`ll ask more about that this week and let you know next Monday. I love you all and I know that God loves us all and we are his children. Bye!
I included pictures from this river that we went to today. I wanted to get in, but my white handbook said no...

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