Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 29, 2013

So this week was good. We worked really hard and found a lot of new people, not all of them are spectacular and I don´t know if they´ll hide from us or not, but still. We found a lot of new people haha. Here in Valledupar there is this huge festival. It´s like on of the biggest festivals in all of Colombia, so that´s cool. They have a lot of Vallenato music (lots of acordian and people playing the tin can) and it´s cool. I hear it all day in the street. Apparently Valledupar is known for acordian music. But the bad part is that Festival=Drinking ALWAYS!!! The streets are just FULL of drunk people and bars with girls from the beer company and wow.... This place makes Sodom and Gomorah look like the city of Enoch haha (Little blasphemy to brighten your day).
Yesterday we taught this mom and daughter and it was a really neat experience. We started sharing the first lesson and then we realized that the daughter was crying. We asked what her greatest fear was and she said that it was to lose her dad. It was sad, but we talked and the spirit just started to fill the room. I´m really excited to go back and talk to them on Wednesday.
Another lady we talked to said that she wants to go to the church because she feels like God will bless her and heal her son if she does. So we´re starting to find some good people with real needs that the gospel can really fulfill here and that is fantastic. 
We also went and contacted a reference this week. His name is Hugo and has tatoos and long hair. He talks super deep and is 25. And first sight we were surprised that he wanted to talk, but then we found out he´s just a really nice guy. I felt bad because we just assumed that he was a young, single partier. Then we went to say a prayer and he asked if I could pray for his wife and son who were traveling from Santa Marta. He´s fantastic, just hope he´s not drinking during this festival time haha. 
My companion and I are getting along pretty well. We have disputes every now and again, but we can teach pretty well together. And we try and kick rocks between the other one´s feet as we walk in the street so that´s fun. 
The bishop here is finally starting to work more with the missionaries and he said that he realized that he needed to focus more in missionary work in this ward so that´s good.
So the mission president still hasn´t said anything about mothers day... but everyone said that last year the missionaries called home on Saturday or Sunday. So tell me what time you guys can and I think I can do it whenever you can.
I hope that all is well at home. I love you all and congratulate all those that are leaving on missions soon. It´s the ride of a lifetime!

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