Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 1, 2013

Well this week sure was interesting. We had family home evening Monday night and then at the house the zone leaders came in and said that they had some big news for me. That I had to start packing my bags because I was leaving the area. I had to pack early because the next night I would be sleeping in the mission office basically so I could fly the next morning. There´s one area where they have to send gringos by plane because I gues the trip there can be dangerous and that place is.. Valledupar. So all day Tuesday I was a little sad because I didn´t want to leave my area. My companion told everyone that I was leaving and the bishop´s wife cried because she said she wanted me there for her birthday. She said that I shouldn´t change and that I was one of her favorite missionaries haha. She´s really nice.So Tuesday night I slept at the secretaries house where I heard some interesting things. Our mission president has been cracking down on disobedience and said that there are some bad missionaries. So Tuesday night somebody told me that I was going to my new area as Senior companion to a missionary who has 15 months who got demoted to Junior companion. His companion got sent home this last week for disobedience so that made me nice and nervous, but we´re fine. Wednesday morning bright and early we left for the airport and flew to Valledupar (30 minutes in plane, 4-6 hours in bus for the latinos) in a little plane. The flight was cool and the mountains were incredible. We landed at about 8 and the zone leaders came to get us. Remember my trainer who I loved? Yeah he´s my zone leader and we live in the same house again.. haha. But it´s okay. We joke around. I live in a house with 6 missionaries. I´m the youngest one, but I pretty much like everyone. There´s one other gringo who´s finishing his mission this transfer in my house. My new companion is named Elder Rodrigues. He´s from Argentina. Together we´re opening up a new area. It´s in a ward where there´s already 4 missionaries so we just added to the number, but we have to find all brand new people to teach. So we´ve just been contacting these last few days.It´s actually kind of fun. And we´ve found some pretty good people. It´s different than my last area because this area is pretty wealthy, so people aren´t as nice at first, but if you can get in the door they´re really nice. The ward here is really nice but not many people come to church.So that´s the big change of the week. I´m now here in Valledupar where it´s a lot hotter, richer, and somebody found a triantula in the backyard today... but it´s gonna be fun! hahaI´m super excited and we already found a kid who we talked to once and he came to church and already said he wants to be a missionary.We also found a nice mom who said she goes to the catholic church, but doesn´t feel full there, and she was smiling ear to ear when we said she get get her own answer.Okay I love you all and bye!Oh! News.. I now can write anybody I want by email! 

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