Sunday, May 12, 2013

March 18, 2013

So this week was good, but pretty uneventful. Only one investigator came to church yesterday which was pretty disappointing, but she`s really good and is preparing for baptism. Her baptism was supposed to be this Saturday with her daughter, but they can`t get baptized this week for some different reasons, but we think that they will both get baptized next week. Her daughter didn`t come to church because she felt awkward because all of her clothes are immodest. I wish she would have come, but it`s good that she recognized that too. Other than the too of them we have one other super good investigator who just can`t come to church. So that presents a little bit of a predicament. He always has a real reason, but we just need to teach him that it`s a lot more important. Other than these three, we have investigators, but they`re just not as faithful haha. We can find people that want to listen to us super easy (poor areas), but the challenge is finding people that want to listen and will keep up with commitments (richer areas haha). So we`re trying to contact a lot more and find better people.Transfers are next Wednesday which makes me sad because chances are that I`ll leave right before the baptism of these investigators. I just want to see that mom and daughter get baptized because we literally just found them on a street corner and their lives have changed tremendously, but this isn`t Cole`s baptism, so it doesn`t really matter if I see it haha. Also, I`m not really getting any tanner... Every time I say hi to people they just say I`m really red and ask if I`m hot (idiots of course I`m hot!). Anyways. I hear that the sun is way hotter and stronger in Cartagena, and that they speak REALLY fast. So I`ll probably be going there next haha. Our bishop`s wife who feeds us every day is really sick and had to leave church to go the hospital yesterday, so I feel bad for her and hope she get`s better since she`s basically mom here. Yo sé que esta es la iglesia verdadera y que el arrepentimiento es un don de Jesucristo muy poderoso. El nos ama y ha muerte para que podamos vivir con el y nuestro padre celestial para siempre. Es triste a ver las vidas de personas que están viviendo en pecado, pero no hay un mejor experiencia que ver el cambio en el corazón de un hijo de Dios. Sé que no soy perfecto y tengo muchas debilidades, pero el Señor tiene la habilidad de hacer milagros por medio de sus siervos. I love you all and I hope that you had a happy St. Patrick`s day!

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