Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6 Months!

Hi. So this week was pretty good. We didn`t find a whole lot of new people, but we found some that are pretty good. So let`s hope that they all decide to keep going. I hit my 6 month mark this last week, I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I do feel a lot more comfortable with everything.
I had an exchange this last week with my district leader. He came to our area and my companion went to his. It was fun and he`s really good. His name is Elder Zegarra and has the funniest little laugh and laughs all the time. He`s from PerĂº and lives on a little Island in the middle of the Amazon that you have to get to by plane because the animals around the island are too big to get there (that`s how he introduces himself) haha. I showed him a lot of our investigators including the 19 year old with two kids that breast feeds in lessons (she said a prayer while doing that this week, neat trick).
We started our dinner contract this week so we go to this member`s house every night and eat dinner, but it`s annoying because we have to take time out of the night to go and do it, but she cooks well and gives us vegetables.
We went to one lesson with a member of the bishopric to show him our really good investigator (Yaracuy) and when we left he said that we need to baptize him to help the ward out haha. Then on Thursday night we went with the bishop to the really dangerous part of the ward at night to visit a less active family. It was fun and the bishop talked about how this gospel does something amazing. It brings a gringo (as he points to me) into one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Colombia (didn`t know that til he said that) just to visit with a family. It was a neat experience.
I was in charge of the little mutual night activity thing again this week and taught them all about the gadianto robbers and then showed them how to fight against the bad guys in our day (Helaman 6:37) then helped them practice how to share with a friend. Then we played mafia, but I called it gadianton robbers instead haha.
Yesterday only 2 investigators came to church, but it`s good because their baptismal date is next Saturday.. Woo hoo!!
This ward is super weak, but I`m just so used to it that I love it now. Ward Counsel is just funny because our part as missionaries should be 15 minutes and then they SHOULD keep going, but yesterday we finished and I just said "so do we wait for the closing prayer or are you gonna keep going?" and they all laughed... then said the closing prayer haha.
So yeah! things are going good here in the old buena esperanza. I`m sending some pictures because I haven`t sent any forever. There`s some mashed potatoes that I made, some pictures of people dressed up (or down) for Carnaval, a picture of the gate on our front door (did you know every house has a gate on the front door?), and of everybody that lives in the house right now. AND! I got some neat scripture cases so I sent a picture of those. BYE!

So we don't know who these people are, but we do know that Cole sure loves his mashed potatoes!!

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