Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 8, 2013

Conference was sweet!.. I just wish I understood it all haha, but it was still good. I loved the prophets talk in the priesthood session and his other one about obedience. How important that is. Question... Were the tab choir dresses ugly there too? haha I just thought they were interesting. But hey I think I saw some people I knew in the choir from the priesthood session! And Mr. Steenblik in the tab choir of course.So this last week was alright. We didn´t teach very much because we´re still opening the area and we´ve almost contacted the majority of the houses I think... But we´ve found some pretty good people. We´re teaching one kid who is progressing great. He went to conference, reads, prays and asks about being a missionary a lot because he wants to do it.Conference was kind of like a weekend a little bit haha It was nice to sit in air conditioning a lot, but we still were able to go out and work between sessions. We found one new person who´s really good between the two sunday sessions. I also really loved the member of the 70 who spoke on Saturday about repentance and how much God wants us to repent. That talk was awesome. It got me thinking about how blessed we really are to have a loving heavenly father and Jesus Christ who are so willing to help us feel clean and happy again.Here with my companion is going alright. It´s rough at times. We live with his trainer and since the first day his trainer has told me to be patient, and I have now learned that that is the key. My companion is willing to work, but not to listen very much. But we´re working through our rough patches, just like all newly weds haha.So apparently we´re in the hot AND rainy season. It rained a few days ago and we have the wonderful blessing of having a lot of holes in the roof. So It was raining in our house and we had to stay up late sweeping water away from our stuff so it would stay dry. How fun! haha It was kind of cool. We took a picture (I´ll send it next week)So I hope that all is going well at home and it´s warming up. I know that here it gets hotter every day haha. Gall this place is an oven sometimes.Happy easter everyone (whenever that was?) and I love you all!

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