Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 15, 2013

Well this week was neat. We found some new people to teach, but only one came to church so that was a little rough. We´re working hard and contacting a lot, but it´s getting hard because we don´t have many places left to contact haha, so I think we´re on the verge of contacting everyone again haha. 
Last Monday we found this family that´s really awesome. We started talking to them and the dad was really interested and wanted to talk more about the family so he decided to let us in and invited his wife too. After a little bit of time he finally decided it was a good idea to tell us that he was baptized a long time ago as a kid but just never went again, but his wife and kids had never even heard of this church. So we´re working with them now and they´re great. They wanted to read The Family: A proclamation to the world. The dad read it and said it was nice but not what he was looking for. He wants something for the modern aged family. This has really caused me to think. Because as missionaries we always say that our message is about the family, but there aren´t really any scriptures about it. I don´t really know how to tell them that to be blessed they just have to dive-in and live it. So if anybody has any good talks or advice, I´m all ears haha.
Other than that this week was pretty normal. Lots of knocking on doors and we taught quite a bit too. I just want to find more people, but they´re all hiding somewhere haha.
In church yesterday our investigator (his name is Carlos and he´s in young mens) was asked to give the closing prayer in priesthood and he said that he knew the church was true and prayed the missionary work could go forth faster in every country. That was really nice to hear haha.
Now for the fun part about the week. So Valledupar is one of the hottest areas in the mission and it´s the hottest season of the year, and so everyone depends on their fans to study and sleep, BUT...... On Friday a nice man came and said we hadn´t paid our power bill and so he cut our power.... So these last three nights we have been sleeping in a fiery furnace! I slept on the floor these last two nights because the tile is just a little cooler than my bed haha. And now the fridge is completely warm and so the food people have in there has gone rotten and smells awful haha. Somebody came to fix it and then said that it was a bigger problem so he was going to get an expert... He never came back. So we´re just hoping that somebody can come today.
I also found a wonderful scripture about the power that the prophets have that is really uplifting and is great right after general conference. We can all reflect about the power they have to bless our lives. (2 Kings 2:22-24)
I would like to take this time and wish Brock a happy birthday on Saturday and I hope it all went good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Other than that I think everyone at home sounds good. Hope Callie is enjoying tax day and.. yeah.
Bye I love you all and thanks for the letters and packages! 
I included some pictures of a penguin missionary, the mountains on the way to Valledupar in the plane, my last activity in my old ward, and the night when the rough leaked so bad that it was raining in the house. Enjoy!

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