Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

So the transfers were pretty neat haha. Monday night we got back from proselyting and the zone leaders said that EVERYONE in the house (all 6 of us there in that ward) had to pack their bags and they´d tell us more the next day. So we all packed and then Tuesday they told us that we the transfers were different because the sister missionaries were changing areas. So the sister missionaries went to our ward and us we got sent to their ward. Then Tuesday night they told us all our real transfers.. Nothing really changed haha. My zone leader (ex trainer) left and the other companionship left as well, but my companion and I stayed the same and just a new zone leader came to our new ward with us. So I´m still here in Valledupar with my same companion (He´s not very happy haha, but it´s okay. And it´s almost unheard of for a companionship in this mission to be together for 3 transfers).
My new ward is called Simon Bolivar. It´s actually really great. There are a lot more members than my last area and they haven´t seen Elders in a long time so they´re all excited. So the ward is also really excited that there´s an American here. When I presented myself in sacrament meeting I said that I was from Choc√≥, Colombia and everybody laughed really hard. (Look up what people from Choc√≥ look like and you´ll understand.
How about that super awesome training meeting yesterday!!! That was so cool!! They said a lot about how things in the mission field are going to change and I hope that it´s true. Right after the meeting, 2 members came and gave us references of people to visit haha. So I´m pretty excited.
It was cool when we got to this area because the sisters had baptisms just ready for us haha. We have a baptism planned this Saturday for a lady named Lenis! She´s great and has a strong testimony.

Fun story. So we swapped houses witht the sister missionaries. They hadn´t payed their power bill and so we were without power for 2 days, but apparently we didn´t clean our house very well... One of them yells at me every night over the phone about how the dust in the house is making her sick haha, but they´ll be fine. BUT!!! The other gringo I was living with, Elder Cook, did something a little... stupid haha. There was a whole bunch of soup in the fridge that a member made for us. He wanted to help clean, so he dumped the ALL of the soup in the toilet and flushed it... Now that would be fine, but soup here always has like potatoes, yuca (worst food ever), and bones. So the next day when a sister went to the bathroom...... The soup came back.... So apparently there´s soup and other stuff all over the floor of their house... Poor sisters.... oh well! haha.

Yesterday we taught a new investigator at a members house and we asked the dad to testify and he compared the Book of Mormon to pizza. Saying that we only need a slice to know that the whole thing is good. It was a little weird but worked. Then we finished and he ran inside and brought out a pizza he had just cooked for us! hahahahaha. People here are so nice and funny haha.

I love you all and I TOTALLY saw Hayden yesterday and half-yelled "Mi primo!!!" and the whole stake looked at me. Did I mention that I´m the only gringo in Valledupar haha. Bye!

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