Thursday, August 8, 2013

July 1, 2013

Well I`m really sorry because there`s not like anytime to write. We lost a lot of time in the morning and I don`t really know why haha. But we played basketball today which was fun and our new convert (we`re getting there) invited us over for lunch!
This last week was really cool in our new area. I really like it here. The ward is super excited to have us here and wants to work with us so we`ve been blessed in that way. The best part of the week however was the baptism of Lenis! She is awesome and all that my companion and I really did was finish teaching her the lessons, she was super ready and is super excited now to be a member.
Something cool happened this week walking in the street. A guy called us and said "Elders come here!" So we went over. He said "My name`s Lorenzo and the missionaries were teaching my wife a year ago, then we moved and told the sisters to visit us, but they never came. Will you come and teach my wife who wants to get baptized?" Why yes... yes we will haha. We went to their house and it was super awesome. She has a testimony, but he has to get divorced so that they can get married, but they`re already working on the paperwork. WOOHOO!! They said they weren`t going to church because she wanted to be part of the ward, not just attend. So we explained that we`d help, but they had to go. AND THEY WENT!!! And she was just smiling ear to ear the whole time! and he was less active, but was busting out scriptures I`ve never even heard of before in the classes and blowing the teachers` minds! What a find! haha
Another guy we found a week ago came to church and is actually reading in the book of mormon. He doesn`t really understand our lessons, but loves and understands what he reads in there. He smokes, but we`re gonna talk about that soon haha.
Also in the baptism of this new convert a TON of people showed up (first time in my mission). She had a lot of support and now her mom and sister want to get baptized too! woohoo!!!!
I wish I could write more, but we`re basically out of time. Our new president just got here, but we haven`t heard anything from him yet. Should be cool to meet him.

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

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