Thursday, August 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Okay so I attached some pictures from last week. There`s one of the baptism last Saturday, a family home even last Monday, and my daily planner and what it looked like on the 4th of july haha. What a great day the 4th of july right! Quite a few people during the day said, "Wait.... Today is your holiday!!!" haha. I woke up, put on the star spangled banner, and other related tunes and at night time I received my package (thanks) and opened to find the Declaration of Independance inside! I love you America!
I`d say that we had a pretty routine week here. We`re teaching some pretty good people, but we need to find more always haha. Here in the ward the bishopric is really supportive and wants to help. We told the bishop about one of our investigators and their matrimonial problem and he said he wanted to help. The problem is that he`s married... to his ex-wife still, and so they can`t get married until he gets divorced, but his ex-wife left and they can`t find her to get a divorce. And his new wife can`t get baptized until they get married! But the bishop called them into his office and talked to them about how they can fix the problem and so that was really nice of him. But this couple also sells arepas on a street corner and they cook them, cut them open and then put butter and cheese inside......  Whoda thunk that even in Colombia that can have sparks of American genius!!!!
We haven`t met our new president yet, but he`s coming here to Valledupar tomorrow! That should be exciting. He`s going to come and do a little conference and then afterwards interview every missionary. So I`m excited to meet him tomorrow.
Best news of the week! The zone leaders just barely went to Barranquilla to get all of our stuff and I finally got the Liahona (ensign) from the last general conference in English haha. I hardly understood it when it happenes so these last few days have been awesome reading all of the great talks. I loved the talk by Elder Holland.
We`ve been working with a less active family lately and the husband and wife and HUGE problems. Like he calls her names and the kids do too, but she says he`s a bad priesthood holder and things like that. But we taught them this last week and they came to church smiling and talking to eachother! This is good since last week they came at different times and didn`t even sit together.
We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday and that was wonderful. 2 of them are some young single guys and I was worried they were gonna be bored, but I looked back during the last hymn and they were staring at me smiling and giving me a thumbs up haha. We have a lesson with them tonight. I`m super jealous about all the fun 4th of July stuff, but Colombia`s pretty cool too. Everyone here thinks that all we eat at home is hot dogs and hamburgers, so when they asked what a typicle 4th of july food is.... I didn`t want to say, but then I remembered that everyone wants to live there and said hot dogs and hamburgers with pride.
I love you and hope the best for you all! bye!

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