Monday, August 26, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hello! How`s it going? AWESOME! Happy wedding this Saturday to Brock!!! I`m so excited I can`t even hide it! I`ve been telling people that he`s getting married and everyone says, "Do you get to go home for that?," "no," "that`s so sad!!!" But it`s okay! The mission is pretty cool too. I hope that the wedding works out well and that everything goes to plan.
Here in Colombia things are going pretty well! It`s a little warm, but that`s okay. We`re working really hard at finding new investigators, but it`s hard when we have a lot of good people, but they don`t all complete with their commitments so we need to start finding new people to teach. We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday. Enrique (the awesome investigator from last week that I talked about) and his girlfriend came. She`s still a little sceptical because we don`t believe that Maria is our mom, but eh.... We`ll work and that haha.
We also have another investigator who comes every week and is awesome, but we need to do some paper work so that he can get married and then he can get baptized. His name is Angel and he`s blind, but he comes and is faithful. He also writes songs and says that he wants to talk to the leaders of the church to see if they can get published. It`ll be a little hard but who knows, maybe some day haha.
The other companionship here in the house baptized this last week and that was a neat experience, but we had to travel quite a ways to do the baptism to get to a pool, but hopefully we find a pool here close this week for Enrique`s baptism on Saturday.
Unfortunately the attendance here in ther group this week was pretty low (35 people). So this week my companion and I put a goal to and visit more members, and hopefully that works out well.
Yeah, that`s all from Colombia, but I hope the wedding goes well!

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