Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Cole! August 5, 2013

Hello family! So here I am in my new area. I was really sad to leave Valledupar and one of the members who cooks us lunch on Tuesdays cried when I said I was leaving. I really loved Valledupar and it´s awesome, but when the Lord calls... We answer haha.I was assigned to a new area called Sabanalarga. It´s interesting because it´s in the same stake that I was in the beginning of my mission, but Sabanalarga is a "pueblo" (A smaller city). I was called here but I´m still a district leader, but district leader here in this pueblo is different because it´s not a ward, nor a branch... IT´S A GROUP!!! What does that mean? That as district leader I´m also the group leader hahaha. I get to host sacrament meeting, I give assignments for the talks the next week, and we also live in the church haha. It´s a two story house and we live upstairs. The weirdest part was when they blessed the sacrament and then served me first haha. That was a little bit of a schocker and I looked at my companion to make sure we weren´t in apostasy haha.But the group is super awesome. There´s like 1 REAL family that is a mom, dad, and kids and they help with everything. There are some other members that are really faithful and come to every activity too. The group is actually part of a branch that is about 30 minutes away and every sunday we get to carry the tithing over to the branch president. I was excited to meet the branch president til he opened the door and turned out to be a 23 year-old returned missionary who just got home from his mission a year ago hahaha. This is gonna be really fun!! I really am like super stoked, also because we have some good investigators. A guy named Enrique came to the church a week ago just to ask who we were, and the elder before me and my new companion (Elder Abad, he´s awesome and short) made an appointment with him. We met with him and presented the book of mormon, then the next day at night he knocked on the door out of breath because he said he had been running to the church every hour to talk to us. We sat down and he looked at us and said, "Elders, there are answers... a whole lot of answers. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I want to get baptized."...... WHOA!!!!!!!! What a rush!!!Anyways, as far as my birthday goes... it was right after transfers so nobody in the ward knew, but my companion gave me a hug during personal study time. Then later in the day after a baptismal interview everyone in the church sang me happy birthday. They´re so nice haha.In love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes!!!Have a great week!

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