Thursday, August 8, 2013

July 15, 2013

Another week come and gone. But it was a good one! SIX! Investigators came to church yesterday! We were super blessed! One of them can`t walk so we threw him and his wheelchair in a taxi and went to the church because he was late getting ready. Then during the meetings he had to go to the bathroom and one member (a true sent) took him to the bathroom and helped him go... using a soda bottle..... haha Oh Colombia.
But really a lot of people came to church and it`s wonderful.
On Wednesday my companion and I started up English class, but hardly anybody went because it was raining. But the few people who came enjoyed it and are going to bring friends this week.
We`re getting blessed because members are starting to give us references which is awesome. A lot of people have started inviting us to talk to their family members who aren`t members yet and that is a great way to baptize.
On Tuesday we got to meet our new mission president!!! His name is President Searle (prounouced sUrl) and he`s short haha. Everyone was shocked because we all thought he`d be a tall, tough farmer. But he`s a short, nice and humble farmer haha. He`s working hard to practice his spanish again, but his poor wife.... she`s learning it all new still haha. She`s super nice, but nobody can understand her spanish haha.
When they came she just wanted to talk to me because I`m the only gringo in the zone and asked me help her haha. We all had personal interviews later in the day and she also talked with every missionary. When my companion and I showed up for our interviews she smiled and said "Elder Morgan!!! Come and help!!!" haha So I got to translate for some other Elders haha. But they`re really nice and from Idaho, but no connection to mom or Grandpa.
Well, have a nice week! I love you all!

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