Thursday, August 8, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hello. So this week was good! I feel like we´re working really hard and we´ve been blessed. We have several investigators that are progressing well to get baptized so I´m pretty stoked about that. On Saturday it was Colombia´s independance day! Not as cool as America´s, but hey, they try.
So last Monday (pday) we went downtown here in Valledupar because we wanted a picture of the whole city. So we went to the tallest building and said that we were foreigners who love Valledupar and we wanted to take a photo because we´re only here for a little bit. We did that 3 times to different people until we got to the administrator of the building who told one of the maintenance guys to take us up. IT WAS SWEET! Here are some pictures of it.
Then that night we did a family home evening with an investigator in a members house. Another picture
We´re a little nervous because one of our investigators has a problem. Her name is Kelly and she lives with a member, but the member is still married to his ex-wife. We´ve been working with them and the ward so that he can get divorced, so that they can get married, so that she can get baptized. We finally had some good headway and the divorce is going to happen soon!, but now her boyfriend doesn´t know if he actually wants to get married to her.... boys.
On Tuesday night I interviewed a lady named Arelis and her son for baptism. She´s an investigator of the other missionaries that we live with, and is currently fighting cancer. But a few days before her baptism one of the missionaries I live with had to go to the mission home because he´s really injured, so she said that she wanted me to baptize her. It was really nice of her and the other missionaries make fun of me and say that I´m stealing baptisms, oh well haha. But it was cool. Other picture.
Yesterday only 3 investigators came to church, but it´s a whole lot better than none! One of them is the son of a less-active member and we were nervous because he said he wanted his dad to baptize him, but his dad is, as the bishop says, "a lying alcoholic," but yesterday the dad said he´ll let someone else baptize his kid if he´s not worthy, but we´re going to work with them really hard so that the dad can do it.
Well, have a good week! And a good pioneer day!

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