Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013

So this week was super awesome for several reasons but one in particular..... I GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!! Thank you!!!! I love all of it, but especially the photos. I didn´t even know our family had pictures haha.
This week here in the group we had stake conference so I got to find a bus and organize all that and then yesterday morning it got here early and drove us straight to Barranquilla for stake conference. After the conference we were stuck waiting for about 50 minutes because the bus drove left and nobody could find him, some people were upset, but the majority were okay. It was awesome over all because we had about 50 people with us and 4 of them were investigators, but that´s not even the best part. The stake I´m in now is the same stake where I started my mission so I got to see like all the people from my first ward.
One of my companions once said that the greatest blessing in the mission is being able to see your converts active, and he wasn´t kidding! I was so happy to see 3 converts there! One of them, Clara, is an investigator that we found on a street corner and she got baptized along with her daughter and yesterday she came up and said "Elder Morgan! I never thought I´d see you again! My son´s getting baptized next week and I want to thank you for talking to me in the street that day about 5 months ago." She´s the best haha.
Also in this last week one of our investigators named Enrique (I think I mentioned him last week, He´s the one that gained a testimony super fast) is doing really REALLY well. We were worried because he didn´t want to tell his girlfriend about his choice to be baptized, but on Saturday he brought her to the lesson (He also had asked us how we do marriage in our church and just about keeled over when we explained that in our church marriage is for eternity). In the end of the lesson he told her to ask us a question and she said, "Is it true that in your church people get married for eternity?" "Yes," we said. "What do I have to do to get married in a temple?" We then explained that she just needed to get baptized. Then her boyfriend, Enrique, put his arm around her and said, "Elders,.. we want to get sealed in a temple for eternity."............... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about died and asked if he was actually Colombian or not because this is SOOOOO not Colombian haha. We have a lesson with them tonight.
That´s the news from Sabanalarga! Adios!

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