Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August 26, 2013

What a week! For us and you all there enjoying your wedding in the rain! The pictures look awesome and I´m glad it all turned out good. I look fantastic. So in this week we were super blessed here in our area. First of all we were working really hard to find some new people to teach and we found several people that are really good. We found a whole family and also a SUPER catholic that is going to make an awesome convert once he feels that the book of mormon is true.But the best part of the week was Saturday. Everyone remembers Enrique right?, the super awesome investigator that got his testimony super fast and super strong? Well he got BAPTIZED!!!!!! The day before his baptism we were teaching him and his girlfriend and he cried when we talked about how he could receive the priesthood and then baptize his girlfriend. He was studying to be a catholic priest at one time and said that it has always been his dream to have the priesthood, but was sad in the catholic church because he had to leave his girlfriend, and now he´s joining a church where all the leaders are married and he said it just makes him so happy!He got baptized on Saturday and I had the pleasure of baptizing him. Here in Sabanalarga there´s no font so we went to the nearest pool and I baptized him in water that went up to our mid chest haha, but it was awesome. He bore his testimony afterward and it was so awesome. The whole group here is stoked because they know that he´s going to be a huge help.On Sunday was his confirmation and Sunday was also good because some high counselman from the stake came to support us. I was a little nervous leading the meeting with them there, but it ended up fine. Afterwards they came and asked about Enrique and I told them that the group just received one if it´s best and most valuable members. They got happy and interviewed him. Enrique told us afterward that they said he needs to start preparing himself to be a leader in the group eventhough he just got baptized and he said (in the words of Nefi because he memorized it), "I will go and do the things the Lord has commanded..." I LOVE THIS CONVERT!!!!!!! He´s such a champ. At night he went with us to a lesson. A new investigator that´s super catholic. Enrique was nervous, but when I asked him to bear his testimony...... WOW!!! He showed this super catholic what´s up! After the lesson he was super happy and said, "Elder, can I visit with you more often?" He´s the best hahaWe also got to see the priesthood in action here in Sabanalarga. In priesthood we talked about how the melchezedick priesthood holders here in this group are the power in this whole city.Then afterwards the only 2 Melchezedick Priesthood holders came and said they wanted to go with us to visit our investigator sick in the hospital. We went and they gave a priesthood blessing. It was awesome.The mission is so fun and exciting, and spiritual. I Love you all and happy wedding brock!

We couldn't have a wedding without Cole!

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