Monday, November 4, 2013

October 14, 2013

So this week was good because we found a lot of new people to teach including a few families that seem to be rather interested so that was awesome, but unfortunately we lost some of our best investigators... We´ve been teaching this Hernandez family and they were doing really well, but last Sunday they didn`t come to church and then all week long they would hang up every time we called and never were in their house. We sent some members over to see what happened and they said that the family basically just doesn´t want to get baptized. They want to go to church but they feel pressured into baptism. It´s really sad and it got me a little down, and they didn`t even come to church on Sunday, but we´re praying and fasting for them hoping that they´ll talk to us again.
We have another investigator that is going well and she lives with her granddaughters who also want to be baptized, but we found out that the grandma has a little afternoon delight fella.... he is very open about his adultery and says that he´s with two women, and our investigator just laughs... we´re going to have a chat with her in about 2 hours haha.
We have another great investigator that should be getting baptized next week and she´s awesome. she doesn´t drink, smoke, drink coffee (amazing for colombia), and isn´t fornicating! haha. Her name is Angelica.
I want to share a cool experience. Yesterday we went to visit a family of recent converts and the dad is inactive right now. He never wants to talk to us, but he said he would yesterday. We were in the lesson and I was answering his questions and teaching and then realized that I was talking a lot and not letting my companion speak. I then felt a strong impression that my companion should talk, it was cool. So I stopped and looked at him. My awesome companion who has only been a member for a year then started to testify and cry and the spirit got so strong. I felt so glad just to listen to the spirit to let my new companion strengthen is testimony. It was a really neat experience. I like training a lot.
Not many investigators came to church yesterday, but we´ll get `em!!! Okay I love you all. bye!

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