Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28, 2013

So we had transfers this week and everyone was a little nervous, but... nobody changed haha. The 4 of us here in Sabanalarga are here to stay another round! We also had a pretty good week, we didn`t find many new people, but we did have 4 people come to church as investigators and...... A BAPTISM!!!!!!! We had a baptism yeah!!! Her name is Angelica and she`s great. She didn`t have a problem with any commandment and accepted everything that we taught he super fast. She`s way nice and I`m excited for her.
Her baptism was kind of a miracle because we told all the people to be at the church at 2:15 so we could all walk to the pool together (it`s pretty far) and everyone said okay, but it was 2:40 and nobody was there and it was about to rain. So my companion and I went and we prayed asking that the people would show up and that it wouldn`t rain. Then we left and headed over to the pool.
We were so blessed to get there and see that a lot of people just wanted to get straight there and were waiting for us! and then more members showed up afterward! and it never rained until like half an hour after the baptism. God is so great.
The baptism was good besides the fact that the water went up to my chest and her chin hahaha. But it still works.
I`ve felt my testimony grow a lot about god answering just the little prayers. The little prayers in our hearts have so much power if we`re sincere and willing to act.
And fun fact! Today for the first time in the mission field I found a scale! I weigh about 170 pounds! wow... haha. That`s a lot of sweat
Sorry, there isn´t a picture of the baptism because I left my camera in the house, but next week I´ll send one next week.

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