Monday, November 4, 2013

October 21, 2013 - Exorcist!

So this was a good week! yesterday we had NINE investigators at church! It was awesome! 5 are the result of a reference that we got from a member. This investigator is named Denis and she´s so nice and loves the gospel, but the sad thing is she can´t get baptized... She is living with a guy that she´s not married to and he´s living in adultery, but takes really good care of Denis and her granddaughters, he pays for everything so she says she can´t leave him... So we´re working on that and more than anything focusing on her granddaughters and all the other references that she´s giving to us.
We had this guy come to church who talks like batman because he used to have cancer from smoking, but now he´s good haha.
So this last week we had an interesting, scary, and in the end spiritual experience....
We went to visit a member and she was all good and happy and then she stopped us and said "Elders, we have a problem in the house (she´s the only member that lives there but like 10 other people live there). She said that her niece was acting really strange and that the whole house was scared for her. She told me to look at the niece through the window and she was just in a blank stare. We asked what the problem was and she said that a few days before she went with some friends to a place and came back really weird. And anytime that somebody said something about God, or a prayer, she would start this blood curdling scream. So yeah, the whole house hold was freaked out. Her high school sent her home and said she needed professional help as well. And really she just wouldn´t talk. Only scream whenever somebody mentioned god.
As I was sitting there listening to the story I looked over at the niece again and she gave me the darkest look I´ve EVER received. I then asked the member, "Okay, what do you think it is?" She said, "I think she´s possessed and I asked an ex-missionary and he said to talk to you guys, and everyone in my house wants me to talk to you too."
So I told her we wanted to talk to the niece, but first I was going to go and call the mission president and the branch president. I told the branch president what had happened and he said (literally), "AH FETCH!!!, I don´t know, call your mission president," hahaha. I called the mission president and he said, "Well Elder, if you feel like you can... go ahead and give her a blessing."
So we went back to the house and the niece was outside and wouldn´t talk or look at us, but shook our hands. I told the member to go and ask the parents for permission to give her a blessing and they said it was okay. So then we went into a room and I said "Okay Cati... We´re gonna give you a priesthood blessing so that you can feel better," She looked at me and started breathing REALLY hard, but nodded her head just barely.
I felt SOOOOO nervous!!!! but I remembered president Uchtdorf, "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith," Then my companion and I put our hand on her head and blessed her. I don´t know what I said completely, but afterwards it was really quiet...... and then.......
.....GASP!!!!!! She screamed and then started hyperventilating.... but slowly calmed down and relaxed... We stayed there for a little while until she could talk and just said that she felt really tired because she hadn´t slept in 3 days, but now she could think for herself....
WHAT A RUSH!!!! I´m just SOO glad I was worthy, but I know we didn´t do anything. We were just there. The spirit during the blessing was so strong and I know that god was there present and helped another one of his children through his servants.
We have a lesson with this niece today and we´re going to go see if she wants to get baptized now hahah.
We also have a baptism this week! Her name is Angelica and she´s great. She´s so well prepared.
Love you all! bye! Thank you all for the letters and support that you send.

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