Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 9, 2013

So transfers came........           I STAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President said he doesn´t want to be changing missionaries that much so I got to stay! Same companion, same area, same everything!!! But we are looking for a new house to live in because we´re not allowed to live in the church anymore.... but that´s okay.
I´m really happy Sabanalarga is awesome. So here we have some really great investigators right now. One is named Alberto, and he´s a future leader here, if he can give up his coffee, cigarrettes, alchohol, and tea hahahaha. We taught him the word of wisdom and asked if he used any of the substances and said, "Yes, all of them except for drugs." So if you folks at home could pray for Alberto, that would be great.
Yesterday we had 3 investigators at church! Alberto and his wife and the dad of another family that should turn into some really good investigators. The dad called us in the street and said that he was drunk, but he felt something as we walked by and wanted us to stop by and visit him, so we went the next day and there he was waiting for us! and his wife is really excited too!
But we sere still lacking a lot of investigators unfortunately, so we´re going to be working on that. One investigator said it was her time of the month.... Oh please hahaha
On Saturday we had an AWESOME experience! Elder Uceda of the seventy came to talk to us again. He taught us a lot of things that I know will really help us push the work forward here in the mission so I´m super excited. He taught us a lot and especially talked about obedience to all of the rules and all that good stuff. He´s awesome and has a really strong spirit about him. Just another testimony of what the Lord can do through his servants.
Christmas is in full swing here and it´s awesome to see the lights, even if there is no snow, and the plaza here is all decorated with a big tree. So it´s cool. I´d send pictures, but this internet site is about 30 years in the past and can´t handle my camera haha.
I love you all and wanted to share a cool scripture.
In 2 Kings 6. Elisha gets surrounded by thousands of troops that want to kill him and his servant gets scared, but Elisha says that there are a lot more with them than with the troops. But the servant who doesn´t believe is still scared, until Elisha prays to God so that the servants eyes get opened, and then he can see all the forces with them.
I like this scripture because God is with all of us. And anytime we´re scared, we just need to pray to see the invisible forces with us.
I´ve been using that these last few days anytime I´m scared to talk to someone, or do something uncomfortable, but God will provide. Bye!

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