Monday, December 2, 2013

November 11, 2013

So this week we had a baptism! His name is Juan and he progressed pretty fast and has a good testimony! The baptism was a little special because the pool water was.... green haha and he couldn`t fit in my white pants because he`s so skinny so we had to use my companions white tie as a belt so that the pants didn`t fall off, but other than that it went really well! It was my companion`s first baptism in the mission so that was super cool!
We also are having a lot of success with several investigators where as coming to church! We had NINE investigators at church yesterday! and 3 of them are getting baptized this saturday! It`s going to be a great day haha.
There was a family that we were teaching awhile ago that suddenly started hiding from us and we discovered that the dad was just not ready for baptism, but his wife says that she doesn`t want to wait anymore so she`s going to be the example and get baptized first!
Then we have two other investigators that are pretty shy and we were worried that they didn`t have testimonies, but we talked with them and they`re ready and excited to get baptized too!
Enrique, a recent convert, is so great and the branch wants to give him the melchezedic priesthood already so that he can work even more! and he`s doing great with his calling as the gospel principles teacher.
So the work here is going well, but we`re already half way through this transfer and I`m pretty nervous that my time is Sabanalarga is winding down... so time to work! haha. I`ll just keep praying that I stay.
Love you bye!

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