Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

HELLO!!! How are you all? I was so glad to read about thanksgiving and it sounds like it was really great! Unfortunately.... I forgot, but I did eat a little extra egg arepa on Thursday night, so that was good haha.
The work here in Sabanalarga is going forward!!! We have some really good investigators! Some of which weren´t progressing but in this last week we were really focused in just listening to them and the spirit and they all responded really well with the help of the Lord.
We had 4 investigators at church yesterday which was awesome. One is a guy that is really awesome named Alberto. He´s just a guy my companion was led to in the street and he´s turning out to be really great. He asked us a few days before church about how he should go and we said how he was dressed was fine (here in the coast a white shirt and tie is more.... for the ADVANCED people haha). And he said, okay, but what does a man "normally" dress like? and I said white shirt and pants. So then on Sunday morning when we passed by his house to see if he was going to go he was in slacks and putting a white shirt on....  ..... It was just so beautiful! hahaha.
Also the attendance was really low in sacrament meeting until halfway through when some other investigators showed up with like 6 little kids which helped a lot hahaha.
So we´re all really excited/nervous here. Because everyone wants to be here for Christmas because the members here are fantastic, but... Transfers are tomorrow night! I want to stay, but I just pray everyday that I´ll love the people wherever I go like I love all the investigators here haha.
I love you all and I´m excited to skype this month! but they haven´t given us any information about that yet, hopefully next week I have more info.

I forgot some important events of the week...
So yesterday I received a lot of blessings and I know that the lord answers prayers.
We were on a bus coming back from the branch in another town and I was standing up because all the seats were taken. We were going good and then all of the sudden....   BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the tires blew!!! In the middle of the highway. The bus started swerving all over the highway and I just realized "Oh... this is serious." My companion was in his seat bracing himself and the guy next to him and I felt bad because there were some little kids crying really hard... but we were fine. We were blessed to have a bus driver that knew what he was doing controlling the bus and we were able to stop just fine and get on another bus.
I learned several things in this experience. 1) The Lord answers prayers (thank you all, especially mom haha) and 2) I wasn´t scared. Just as it happened I started to get nervous and then just a strong feeling came over me and felt like there was no way something bad could happen... because my companion and I still have work to do here in Sabanalarga.

Other experience.
Our convert Jeydis (mother of 7) had a dream that my companion was her husband HAHAHAHAHAHA. She told another member who told us. and she´s super embarrassed and my companion feels weird haha.
Okay bye!

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