Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas! December 23, 2013

Hello! And Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone´s all up and happy with holiday spirit! We sure are! And I never thought I´d say it... but I really love all the Christmas music haha. It´s nice to hear normal Christmas music on the mp3 player in the morning, because in the streets it´s still the same old loud obnoxious music haha.
So this week we had a Christmas activity with the president and.... WE GOT TO SEE "UP!" It was so cool to see a Disney movie haha. And I understood it in Spanish haha. But it´s still funnier in English.
Sister Searle gave us all a baggie of caramel popcorn!
Last Monday we went to Barranquilla (downtown, pictures attached) and it was fun. Took a picture of the oldest church (catholic) here in Barranquilla, but the taxi driver wanted to bug us the whole way (he´s a Jehovah’s witness) about how we´re not a biblical church. We just smiled and said we´d like to pass by, but he said no...
We´ve been working hard core with Alberto this last week with the cigarettes, and he did it!!!! He said that he puffed one on Saturday, and then said "No. No more." and.... He passed his baptismal interview!!! He´s so great and I know that your prayers have helped him a lot! He´s really felt a big change in his life and all of his neighbors can´t believe that he doesn´t smoke anymore. He sits in front of his house with candy and just eats that haha
So now we´re just workin` and prayin´ so that he doesn´t smoke this week haha, and never again!
I´m so excited for this Christmas because it´s a great time to be serving the Lord, because that´s why he came here, to serve. I love and pray for all of you every day and I hope you feel the love, because I certainly have felt yours.
Merry Christmas!!!

Below are pictures of their day out in Barranquilla and the chapel where they hold sacrament meeting.

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