Tuesday, February 11, 2014

December 30, 2013

So.... What a Christmas!!! It was great! Especially talking with the family! I was super excited all day long for that haha.
We had a great Christmas and Christmas eve. On Christmas eve we went over to see Alberto and he was a little sad because his wife didn´t come home for Christmas, but he had bought us some cookies and soda hoping that we would come so that was really nice! Then at night what was our christmas eve dinner?..... PIZZA, SKREWS (it´s a bread thing with caramel in the middle), and COCA COLA!!!! Yay!!!! haha. Picture included. Then at night I opened one present, and with luck it was pajamas!!! Batman pajamas haha.
Christmas morning I opened my presents and they were great! A few toys, an apron?, and chapstick haha. On Christmas night the daughters of the lady who cooks for us brought the food and I felt bad because Santa couldn´t get to their house. but Elder Morgan and his little toys from home could! So I gave them the little toys haha.
Also on Christmas day we were nervous because we thought Alberto had smoked and his baptism was Saturday... So on the 26th we made a good plan to go and give him support and we brought a member with us. We went ready to console him but.... HE DIDN´T SMOKE!!! And so this last Saturday he got baptized! It was AWESOME!!! The most faithful member here who had never baptized, baptized! it was a great baptism, even though not many people came... but the pool water was cold! So they told me... I know the lord answered our prayers with Alberto, and a big thanks to all of you who prayed and put his name in the temple!
We also had a great experience the the Corra family! they weren´t really preparing to get baptized, but we started talking to them and then we just started asking them questions about their desires and if they really believe that God can bless them. Then I felt impressed to share a scripture from Doctrine and Covenants about how God answers prayers, and the spirit filled the room. They then realized that they had indeed recieven answers to their prayers and wanted to get baptized.
But Sunday morning they ddn´t want to go to church, but we went to their house and talked to them and they came!!! It´s great being a missionary and seeing people humble themselves! haha. Now they just need to money to be able to get married.... (If you could pray for the Corra family that would be great)
We´ve had a lot of blessings here in this area with people changing and I know that the Lord is  here. I love you all!

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