Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January 27, 2013

So Santa Marta is sweet. Right at the start of this week we did an exchange. I went with another elder who´s pretty close to finishing his mission and he´s a little sad and feels like he hasn´t had a lot of success in his mission. But we just worked and he teaches SUPER good. I told him that at the end and he said he liked working with me. While I was with him my companion was with a newer missionary who´s a little proud, and lies. My companion is the bad cop. He humbled the elder pretty well haha.
Wednesday we had to go and buy mattresses and carry them in a little tiny bus to a town that´s about an hour away. We had to haggle with ever mode of transportation in order to get the price down... gall!!! But we did get there. At one point we put the mattresses on top of a bicycle taxi. It´s a back taht pulls a little carriage. Everybody looked at us and just laughed. Silly mormons haha.
Our area is struggling as far as finding good people to teach. The members give us references, but they´re all 16 year-old kids... They´re great! but I like baptizing men hahaha.
My companion is great and loves that I´m willing to do the zone stuff. We get along well and work well together. Our area is cool, but rough, we have a lot of hills that are about 87 degrees haha.
Today we played soccer with the other zone here in santa marta, and I made a goal!!!! I remember when I made goals in little league you guys bought me a slurpee.... I would like a slurpee please.
Love you bye!

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