Monday, February 24, 2014

February 17, 2014

This week we were working all week long getting our 2 investigators Angie and Katelyn ready for baptism and all was going pretty well! But unfotunately Katelyn didn´t get baptized. Her family is all less active and the night before the baptism we were teaching and we just felt like they were only talking to us because they wanted financial support from the church, and the dad wasn´t even going to be there for the baptism, so we said we were going to postpone the baptism just one or two weeks until the dad could be there, that actually made Katelyn a lot happier, but the next day they didn´t come to church and the mom kind of exploded saying that all the church leaders are liars that say they´ll help and don´t.... The branch president said that he would advise us not to go back for awhile...
Anyways, Angie is great! She was excited and nervous all week long, but she made it! The day of her baptism she was excited and the brach here is awesome for baptisms. A lot of people went and some even went early to decorate! The only problem was that they were repairing the water tubes outside..... that means that the water wasn´t crystal clear... it was more of a black color haha. We felt SOOOO bad, but she was okay. So it was more like getting baptized in the Jordan River like Christ did haha.

Also being zone leader means that we don´t just do exchanges with the missionaries in our zone... but the assistants do exchanges with us.... On Friday we woke up  at 4:30 to get to Barranquilla and change companions and then I came back with Elder Schwab (Gringo from Iowa who lives in North Carolina) to work here in my area. I felt a little stressed haha, but we taught some great lessons. He teaches well and we found some good new investigators including a family of 6!
At night he did give me some pointers and things I can do better. He said that our zone could be doing a lot better than it is, so we´re gonna work harder! Then the next day we woke up early again and I went to get my companion back.

Other than that it was a pretty average week. Love you all bye!

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