Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014

So this week was pretty busy and now I´m not very happy because every week seems to just fly by haha. On Wednesday morning we had to wake up at 4 to get ready and head down Barranquilla for the leadership counsel. It´s all the zone leaders, asistants, and sister leaders. It was cool, spiritual and a little scary haha. But it was awesome. The do it the first Wednesday of every month. They called us the night before and said to bring our area books.... Our area book wasn´t too bad, but we could have done a little better.
A van picked us and the other zone leaders up and we got there at like 7:30. They gave us a lot of trainings and things to share with our zones. They had us review each others´ area books and point out how we can do better. The mission president shared with us some concerns he has about the mission and that apparently there is a LOT of disobedience in our mission. Another zone leader (Elder House, MTC companion) told me that president went to his zone and started chewing out quite a few missionaries.... BUT my zone is good haha. After the counsel they fed us Subway and gave us all the packages and materials for our zones to take back. We didn´t get home until like 7:30. I was pretty tired the next day which was weird because we didn´t even work in our area and we were in air conditioning all day long haha.
On We´ve been really blessed as far as our investigators. There aren´t a ton, but the ones we have are progressing well. We have 2 baptisms for this Saturday. One is the daughter of a less-active family and the other is a girl that started coming to church with her less active friend haha. YAY less actives!!!
We have a great investigator that is the future husband of a less active member. He´s called Norveis, and he´s funny, and we gave him a white shirt and a tie on Saturday, but he didn´t come to church.... It´s because they were moving. We´ll get ´em next week!
Got my package from the family! Thank you! I´m excited to listen to the CD, but our DVD player is broken.... so I´m looking for one to be able to listen to the CD haha.
Love you bye!

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