Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January 20, 2014

THEY TRANSFERED ME! The mission president took me out of my dear and beloved Sabanalarga... I was really sad to leave. We visited our converts and said that it was possible that one of us would be leaving and they were really sad, and said they´d pray that we wouldn´t leave.. but oh well...
So they called me on Tuesday night and sad Elder Morgan, you´re going to Santa Marta as Zone Leader. So there are 2 zones in Santa Marta and we´re the Manzanares zone. It´s actually super nice here. Santa Marta is a District, not a stake yet. But of all the branches we have the best branch that´s full of returned missionaries and members that give us a lot of refernces. My new companion is named Elder Juarez and he´s from PerĂº. He´s been a zone leader a really long time and he´s great.
The thing is that we run errands ALL the time.. Every now and then he looks at me and says, "I can tell you feel bad that we´re not out teaching, but you´ll get used to it." haha.
He´s right. I feel a little weird and it´s different, but it´s fun.
We work differently here than in my last area. It´s basically just ALL references and working with the less active members and baptizing their family members that didn´t get baptized with them, the only problem is that a lot of our references are kids, but we´ll get a family soon to go and teach, I can feel it.
We had our interviews with the mission president on Saturday, he´s just such a champ. He´s so funny and awesome haha.
Santa Marta is great and I´m happy to be here. The people here are nice, and it´s really touristic. Love you all! Have a nice week!

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