Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January 6, 2014

So here we are we just passed the new year here in Sabanalarga and it went really well! WE found several people to teach this week which was cool! One was super awesome and showed a lot of promise, but didn´t come to church... but that´s okay, we´ll work on it.
The Corra family change from a pretty good family to AWESOME!!! The kids are all young, but the parents are TOTALLY getting baptized (god willing) this Saturday! Here we are working with them. Then need "special interviews" and need their records to be able to get married on Friday so that we can then head over to the pool on Saturday and get ´em baptized!
We had a pretty good day yesterday because..... TEN people came to church! It was SO sweet! haha. That´s not even counting the friends and kids that our investigators brought as well.
Sacrament meeting started and I was a little nervous becasue the Corra famiy wasn´t there but then about 15 minutes into the meeting they walked in with ALL of their kids dressed up nice, I just about cried haha.
Alberto is working out pretty great because we´re teaching a couple that lives in front of him, and now his wife wants to listen too!
To bring in the new year we... slept haha. We didn´t really do anything. We worked normally and then went to bed on time. A car with super loud speakers passed by at about midnight so I said Happy New Year to my companion then haha.
Okay. So happy new year everyone! I love you all bye!

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