Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January 13, 2014

So this week was a hoot and a holler. So we started the week really excited for the baptism that was coming up on Saturday.
They both needed to be interviewed by the mission president and he came to interview her... but she never came... but President Searle is AWESOME and said he´s drive us to her house!!! so we went and as we got there she was leaving to get to the interview. But he just talked to her right there and it was fine. And Manuel went and talked to president in Barranquilla. so that went well.
I also had been calling every day asking about the birth certificate of Mayra (the wife) and Manuel (the husband) still hadn´t gone to get his in Barranquilla, so we were really nervous. It got to Wednesday and the office secretary said it was very likely that we would have Mayra´s certificate before Friday. And without a certificate they can´t get married............... or so we THOUGHT!!!!
We went to Barranquilla to get my companion´s ID and I ran into Elder Palmer (good mission friend) and I told him of my woes... and he said "Why don´t you call the guy from Cartagena that marries people without the birth certificate?" Well gee.... I DIDN´T KNOW THIS GUY EXISTED!!! But we called him and after some negotiating he said he´d come!

So there´s a picture of the guy in the our little house church marrying them, but it was still rough because they all showed up an hour late to their own wedding and when she showed up she said that she didn´t even have her ID because she had pawned it for a little bit....... colombia..... but the guy said he could do if we sended the ID  the next day.
The wedding was cool because they were members of a church that didn´t allow women to wear make up and when a member said that she would do her make up she got really excited and the members found her a dress and we lent him a suit hahaha.
When the guy finished marrying them he told them to kiss and Manuel was embarrassed... but she wasn´t haha (see picture)
So they got married and it was great. Some members even found her a little bouquet haha. Which she threw to all the single ladies after.
And then of course the next day they couldn´t even get to their baptism on time... BUT THEY DID GET THERE!!!
So it was a great week for them and for us! And now we get to teach their son too! He´s 9 so he counts as a baptism for us too!!!! woohoo!!! haha
Yesterday they brought all their kids to church and it was funny because the kids behaved AWFUL!! But I was just so happy because they´re the first young family in the group here haha.
We also had 5 investigators at church yesterday! Two of which I didn´t even recognize until my companion told me there were ours haha... awkward...

I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!! Hope you all have a good week too!!!

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