Monday, February 24, 2014

February 22, 2014

So... it´s all going pretty well! Yesterday the assistants called me and said that there was a problem. They said that the tithing from Sabanalarga (my last area) was lacking. And that since I was the group leader I was responsible.. I said okay and they said that I needed to come to the office in the morning early to have a special interview with the president with all my bags...
I kind of felt like they were joking but they said that I needed to give my companion my cell phone because I couldn´t be trusted. I gave it to my companion and then the assistants called him and said that I needed to pack. My companion was really nice and helped me. At night I didn´t sleep like at all.... but then I got up at 6:30, got ready, and we came here to the office.
President talked to my companion and said that I should wait. Then they pulled me in with the financial secretary and he gave me a paper about bad use of funding saying that I needed to fill out the process in Sabanalarga and sign the paper. They asked me what I did wrong and I said nothing. (But to be honest I thought they were joking and then later on would say I was the new financial secretary or something...) They then sent me away for a minute and then brought me back to sign the paper but the paper said "Welcome NEW SECRETARY!!!!" They recorded it all and said welcome and everyone congratulated me.... but then they said that president wanted to talk to me and congratulate me. I went in and he said.... congrats, but I just talked to your mom... and I didn´t tell her that you´re the finance secretary.... I told her that you were the new assistant....
Then everybody started yelling and they showed me the big board with all the missionaries and there was my picture.... I´m still in shock haha
It´s weird, but obviously the Lord feels like there are things I need to learn here.

I am a little sad because I´m going to miss my area in Santa Marta, but it´ll be cool here too.
I´m nervous, but I just gotta´ pray haha
I love you all!

2 gringos... never happens haha

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