Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 1, 2014

Hello! So this week has been really interesting! I got to know a little bit of the new ward on Sunday which was cool, and they are all really nice. I actually gave a talk haha. I also talked with the Elder that I´m replacing. When he spoke he told everyone that he was going home and a lot of people started to cry.
My new companion Elder Schwab and the elder that was leaving were a little sad all the last few days because they´ve been together 6 months and Elder Molina finally had to leave. He cried as he left the office to go to the airport, and in the airport he didn´t want to pass the security. He just kept saying "a little longer, a little longer." He finally had to go and then my companion cried a little. I felt bad, but now we´re in the groove of things. I wish I could say that we´ve been out like crazy, but Carnaval just started so we´re locked in the house and we can´t leave for a few days.
Elder Schwab is awesome and we´re working like crazy. Our area is one of the "tougher" areas according to other missionaries, but we just talk to everyone and we´re finding people to teach.
I´m learning a ton here and I love being able to be close to president. He´s just so great and loving and he loves talking to us. He comes in to our companionship study and just starts telling us about his life and wants to talk about how to help missionaries.
During Carnaval we´re re writing the guide book for missionaries in the mission, and we´re preparing a training for leadership counsel. It´s something that happens every month and I´m a little nervous because we train the zone leaders and the majority are experienced and I´ve only been to one leadership counsel haha. All the zone leaders have called to talk to me, but they all said they´re happy.
We also welcomed the new group of missionaries in. They seem really great. Some of them already seem a little rebellious, but we put the fear of god into them by telling them how to talk and that if they look at a girl below the eyes they´ve sinned and quit being missionaries hahaha.
I´ve been nervous to be here in the office, replacing the ever famous Elder Molina, but  a missionary came and showed me Joshua 1:5 which helped.
Love you all bye!

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