Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 29, 2014

HOLA!!!! So this week wasn´t quite as hectic. We still had a zone conference and it was in Valledupar so we got to fly to Valledupar on Wednesday morning! We flew out, did the zone conference right as we got there and then I went out to work with an elder that we´re looking at to be zone leader. It was fun because he is training a gringo in one of my old areas! It was cool to see the same streets that I walked down every day. At the end of the day we ate dinner with a family in the ward. They hardly recognized me, but they said that I´ve gotten a lot skinnier and that they´re worried haha. At night we went and slept at the zone leaders house in Valledupar and we ate a whole lot more food that we ordered and then the fun started.
So Elder Schwab and I were supposed to organize some mid-transfer transfers that same wednesday night, but we weren´t quite sure/we forgot haha. So at about 10:27 we remembered (remember that missionaries are supposed to be in bed at 10:30). But we realized that we had to call them all that night, and the worst part being that they are all sister missionaries. So we started calling them about (3 or 4) at like 10:30 and it was just an emotional disaster!!! We told them all that they had to be in the mission office at 11 the next day. One sister started sobbing, another was happy but her companions started crying, another got SUPER mad because she actually had to go home home. and she didn´t know that was going to happen so she got REALLY mad haha. It was quite the experience and the next day in the office some sister missionaries looked very upset with us haha.

With the president we just started the transfers and it´s pretty interesting. It´s tough because we have some disobedient missionaries who need strong companions, we also need district leaders, and new zone leaders as well.
We also have leadership counsel next week so we need to prepare a training for that.
There is general conference next week which makes me super excited!
And we have to start getting ready for when Elder Waddel comes in like 2 weeks to do a tour of the mission. It makes me nervous because I´ve heard that some 70´s show up to missions and just start asking a ton of questions to the assistants about the staticstics of the mission and I just don´t think I know it all! haha.

How´s home? I hope it´s good.

We also might be going to a tropical beach on Monday with all the missionaries that are going to finish their missions! President wants us to go and babysit.. haha.

Love you bye!

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