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March 24, 2013

Sorry I didn´t write on Saturday.. I was in Santa Marta at zone conference we had to leave really fast and we got home at like 8 o´clock.
On Tuesday I had the great experience of doing an exchange with Elder House!!!! (MTC companion). He´s the zone leader in Cartagena so I went to his area and it was awesome. Cartagena is really hot but we had a good time together.
Lately I´ve been feeling pretty bad here because there´s a lot of disobedience here in this mission, so we´ve been having to visit missionaries and telling them to repent haha. I had to talk to a missionary in Cartagena on Tuesday and tell him to behave and he came to talk to president.
On wednesday morning I got up at 4 with elder house to get here in time for another zone conference. The zone conference went well but I felt bad and embarrassed because i was TOTALLY falling asleep up there on the stand and i saw other missionaries looking and laughing.... oh well haha.
On Friday I went back to santa marta to do another exchange with the zone leaders there. It was really fun. I miss Santa Marta a ton! I just love being there and you can see the beach and everything. The exchange went well. We taught a family that has triplets!! I didn´t even know that those existed down here. We also ordered a "salchipapa" (fries, sausage, and other good stuff put together in one dish) at ) 9:45 at night..... but it neverd showed up........ Poor elder morgan...
Then on Saturday we did the Santa Marta zone conference and that went super well. I liked it because they had dominoes for lunch.
Here as assistant one eats a LOT of food. Being a recently recovered food addict I am a little worried about the situation... but it´s okay. Sister searle has made cupcakes for every zone conference and I´ve eaten 2 or 3 at each one....    WOOHOO!!!!
Yesterday we had all of our appointments fall through and so we started knocking on doors. We were a little tired, but we just kept going. After about an hour and a half or 2 hours my comapanion said "I feel like it´s that house." We went over, knocked and she let us in. She then went on to say that she´s reads the bible and has realized that the true church doesn´t exist, but it looking for the truth. SHE´S SUPER SWEET!!!! and her cousin was there too!! He´s also pretty cool.
2 investigators went to church yesterday.
I love the mission! yay colombia!!!

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