Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 15, 2013

Okay! So this week has been quite eventful up until now! On Sunday an investigator like 5 investigators came to church which was awesome! We´re working pretty hard every chance we get in the area, but our time is very limited.
As as the mission goes it was an eventful week. Monday we had to get up at 3:30 to go and pick up an elder that had to go home early. He was a little sad but he said he was going to come back when he got everything taken care of.
On Tuesday we had to finish up a lot of things for zone conferences which started this week. My companion and I were a little behind so we had to finish our training and get it all practiced and help president. He was a little behind and he´s been having to work on getting a lot of sick missionaries sent home as well. He also helped us in our training. We did an example with the piano, so he we told us to come over to practice at like 9 o´clock. We got there and of course they had dinner set up for us first haha.
Wednesday was our first zone conference. I was nervous but we did get through it. I wasn´t 100% sure if we would get through it all smoothly, but we did. I felt good about it afterwords.
Thursday made me even more nervous because my companion and I decided that someone had to stay in the area (we had a lot of good appointments planned) and so he said that I´d be going to Cartagena by myself to do the zone conference...
We got up early and I headed out with president and sister searle to cartagena. It was pretty nice because we were about 20 minutes into the drive when sister Searle said, "here´s your sandwich, some cut up melon, and a bottle of water." She´s so nice haha. The zone conference also went really well, but we were there late because president had to do interviews. I got home around 9:30, but sister searle made me a pb & j on the way home haha.
Yesterday we did another zone conference but aftterwards was when the real fun began..
There is a lot of disobedience in the mission and so yesterday and today we´ve been digging all that up and we´ve found a lot of bad stuff and missionaries lying for each other. It´s very sad.
Last night we had to go with president to visit a missionary and we got home around 10:45.

On the brighter side. Our area is doing very well. We´re being highly favored of the lord and he´s prepared people in our area even though we can´t work in it as much as we´d like.
Elder Schwab and I get along great. We´ve been playing chess recently. He´s beating me 4-3... but I´ll get him.
I love you all! bye!
Elder Morgan

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