Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 8, 2014

So here we are. We just got through Carnaval here in BArranquilla which was pretty boring here in the office. On Sunday we went to church (nobody came) then we just came back to the office and had to sit here in the office all day. Monday we we in the office a while, but the internet was done and president had to email some people, so he took us back to his apartment (SUPER NICE) to go and do some work. We talked about what we were going to do in the zone conferences and in the leadershiop meeting. Then him and his wife had all the office over to eat hamburgers and play uno... President and sister Searle are the best!!!!!
On Monday night president received the order to send a sick sister missionary home, so on Tuesday morning we got up and 2 to go and take her to the airport. We got there at like 3:40 and had to wait until 4:30 ´til she could pass by security, so we ended up falling asleep at a table in the airport haha..
We later got home, played basketball and then sister searle called us to come and eat breakfast. We showed up and they said they wanted to thank us for going so that they didn´t have to get up early hahaha.
On Wednesday we had to prepare our training for the leadership meeting and finally got out to work at like 7.
Thursday we had the leadership training and it went pretty well!!! I was super nervous! I have been to less of those than most of the zone leaders. Sister Searle said I looked nervous too, but we got through it all haha.
Yesterday we got up at 4 to head to Cartagena for an exchange and it was cool. Cartagena is way hotter, but it´s a super pretty city.
Then today I got at 4 again to be able to get here in time for basketball hahaha.
I´m a little tired... but I love it all!!!

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