Monday, December 2, 2013

November 25, 2013

So this week the work was good, but a little slow because we were traveling doing interviews with the president and such, but we still found a lot of pretty good new investigators. Of course there are always the few who seem awesome and then they see you turn the corner and enter their house really fast with their rocking chair haha.... but they have their glory..........
This week I was focused a lot in just letting my companion take charge... and it´s hard! He´s great... but I just like to talk I think haha. But it´s been good, he´s taking a little more responsibility and I´m learning better how to listen.
In my interview with the mission president he told me that he´s changing things up so that now we´ll all be staying in our areas more time! So I hope that means I get to stay in Sabanalarga a few extra transfers! It´s great here and it´s awesome to see the progress of the group.
Yesterday we had a satellite transmission from the area presidency that talked about the important of ward counsel and things like that.
Everyone here is all decorated for Christmas already... It makes all the missionaries a little home sick haha. But it´s okay! We´re doing good!
Only 1 investigator came to church yesterday... a lot of people said they´d come but.... you know how it goes. anyways..
I love you all! Happy thanksgiving!

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