Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 23, 2013

So this week was good here. We worked really hard and found a lot of new people to teach, but only 2 investigators came to church yesterday. The family that we´re working on baptizing still wants to get baptized, but it turns out that the dad has a little..... "friend" on the side... so he wants to repent first haha. I was super shocked because his wife totally knows and is okay with it. She just said, "Raul has a second wife kind of thing going on and wants to end that before he gets baptized." And we said that´s probably best haha. We had interviews with the mission president this week and it was really nice. He´s a great guy, and his wife is so nice. She made rice krispy treats for all the missionaries. In my interview he just asked about how I like things as a trainer and I said it´s fun. We talked for a while and then he showed me a super awesome scripture Abraham 4:18. Because we were talking about the importance of being accountable. The group here in Sabanalarga is coming along nice. I got to be in charge of sustaining and stuff like that on Sunday. It felt really weird, but it was fun. Sunday was rough here because every few weeks there´s a Sunday when motorcycles are forbidden. And here everyone uses motorcycle taxis, so the church attendance was really low yesterday, but we´re all doing good. Nothing else too exciting happened this week. But I love you guys! bye!

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