Thursday, September 20, 2012


HOLA! (That's Spanish for hello) So another week here in the MTC. Some pretty big news is that my companion went home last week on Thursday night. So I am now in a trio with the two other Elders in my district going to Barranquilla. I get along with one of them which is really nice, but the other one..... eh. The one I like is Elder House. He is from Modesto California and played football at Fresno State, but hopes to play football or even just go to BYU in the fall. The other one is Elder Otteson. He is from Fort Worth Texas (and reminds you of it every day at least four times), likes to sing any song that you're singing but about ten times louder (as soon as he starts singing a song I'm singing I start singing something else and then he stops and sings that too, it's a fun game), and changes his mood more that a cat in a washing machine, so I'm grateful for Elder House haha. 
Spanish is coming "pocco un pocco" which means little by little. I have learned a ton and for that I am grateful, so I'm doing okay! A new district came into our zone this last week so we are already veterans. They're all really cool. We had our first TRC (Training Resource Center) experience yesterday and that was AWESOME! The people just volunteer to come and listen to a message, so it's basically just Home Teaching and people are so nice. We taught this guy yesterday and all I could say was my testimony and he just thanked me for it even though it was like maybe a minute long. 
We had our two firesides this week and I really loved the Sunday one. He just talked about how important the Book of Mormon really is and it got me so pumped that I wish I could just read it all the time, but we have a lot of things to study. He showed us the opening song to the Tony awards, from the Book of Mormon Musical, then talked about what the church has done to capitalize on this opportunity. Did you know that the church has ad space in the playbill? It was probably the funniest thing I had ever seen since it said "The book is always better." The other fireside was good too. I sang in the choir and the song was just awesome, but I can't remember what it was right now. 
A recurring theme that I've noticed this week here is how much more we all need to focus on Christ and coming unto him. I can't tell you how many times this week I heard people talk about how we need to focus more on that, rather than learning the language, but that's still important too haha. 
P-day's been really nice. We went to the temple today and that was SUPER nice. We also ate in the cafeteria there and it was...... divine. haha. 
So... as far as leaving for the Colombian MTC next week... It's looking like a thumbs down. Everyone here who's supposed to be in that MTC  is just stuck here for a little longer. I actually met another kid going to my mission and he finished his 9 weeks here, even though he was only supposed to be here for 3, so he's going somewhere in-state for awhile, but I think my visa should be here within the next 9 weeks at least. 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you send me a dearelder include your address (not family, but Edward I need you to send me one with your address)
Thank you all for the love, support, cookies, candy, and letters! 

Love, Elder Morgan

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